Asset Tracking Solutions for Heavy Equipment Attachments

Heavy Equipment Attachment Tracking Made Simple

Buckets, busters, fork sets and other heavy equipment attachments often get lost in the weeds or left behind after a project demo. Having the right construction attachments on hand is critical to operations so they are using the best toolset for the job. An oversized or undersized bucket can affect the operator’s ability to be efficient. Because attachments are fundamental to equipment operations, we enable you manage them in Tenna’s asset tracking solution along with the other assets in your mixed fleet on Equipment Management System on One Platform.

With Tenna, heavy equipment attachment tracking and management is made easy by grouping them with their primary piece of equipment as well as tracking the attachments as an individual asset.

How Heavy Equipment Attachment Tracking and Management Works

Tenna’s asset tracker management solution lets you easily track and manage all your construction attachments with Asset Groups.

You can create groups to track assets that are commonly used together. To create a group, you select a “primary” asset to which other “secondary” assets will be grouped.

You can see if an attachment was left behind if their primary asset (the piece of equipment it is grouped with) is removed from a project or yard.

The TennaBLE Steel Puck is commonly used on construction attachments because of protection the steel sleeve provides to these asset types with high impact use. Alternatively, QR tags are also a great option. Tenna has many options to fit your use case and unique needs.

Tenna Software showing an Attachment tracked with a TennaBLE Beacon Asset Tracker

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