Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

CMMS Built for Construction

As a contractor, you know that regular equipment maintenance is paramount to project safety, efficiency and budget. But, keeping up with preventative maintenance schedules, work orders, inventory location, as well as your mechanics’ workloads is no easy task. So how do you balance the cost and time of care with the risk of equipment failure and downtime?

Tenna’s CMMS software is designed by contractors for contractors to simplify and streamline your construction maintenance operations for:

  • Lowering operating costs
  • Easy scheduling of preventative maintenance
  • Safer sites
  • Less vehicle and equipment downtime
  • Prolonged equipment lifespan

How CMMS Software Works

Tenna’s CMMS makes construction equipment maintenance easier, putting control directly in your hands with the Tenna App. Seamlessly schedule equipment maintenance, locate parts, track mechanic time, submit work orders and more – all from the field. Tenna’s CMMS offers not only efficiency and convenience but also major cost savings by digitalizing maintenance management.

Maintenance Requests

Schedule equipment maintenance tasks or requests right from your Tenna app, using voice memos, text notes and on-the-go submission capabilities. Easily track the status of your maintenance tasks with detailed, up-to-date data at the asset level. Maintenance requests help you prioritize workloads and resources more efficiently.


Tenna System showing the Maintenance Request Feature

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance schedules are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why Tenna enables you to customize recurrences based on equipment hours, equipment miles, days, or specific dates. The Tenna app will alert mechanics and equipment personnel when service is almost due, so your team stays on top of preventative maintenance schedules and keeps tools in working order. Tenna will then automatically create maintenance requests for individual services when they are due.


Tenna System showing the Preventative Maintenance Feature

Work Orders

Tenna’s CMMS allows for seamless communication between shop and field. Create and assign work orders wherever you are, monitor the progress of individual assets, and document parts and labor associated with your repairs and services. Plus, you can capture equipment repairs with photos and even complete customized inspection checklists in the Tenna app for additional detail and documentation.


Tenna System showing the Maintenance Work Orders Feature

Fault Codes

Our CMMS software reads and displays fault codes on equipment defects, sent from your GPS tracking devices straight to your Tenna app. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your equipment issues and incidents, and increase shop response times to avoid downtime and associated costs. Easily convert Fault Codes into actionable maintenance requests with one click.


Tenna system showing Fault Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Tenna’s software system collects diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) through your GPS tracking device. Improve your understanding of why construction equipment is having issues and clearly communicate repair needs and timelines to the shop. Easily convert DTCs into actionable maintenance requests with one click.


Tenna system showing DTC

Parts Management

Spend less time identifying and searching for required parts and inventory with Tenna’s parts catalog and inventory management. Our CMMS helps contractors efficiently schedule preventative maintenance based on part availability to minimize downtime, and provides control over inventory issues that can delay projects.

Start monitoring part spend and usage more efficiently. Tenna enriches your asset catalog with maintenance and repair data to help you easily track the lifespan, warranty and value of your equipment assets and the parts that go into them over time.


Tenna Parts Inventory Management UI

Mechanic Time Cards

The Mechanic Time Card solution will allow mechanics to easily capture their time against sites, assets, work orders, and maintenance requests. Mechanic Time Cards improve efficiency, track employee productivity, and streamline the payroll process. You can customize time cards for your whole team with different approval levels, categories and billing rates.

Organize and track all the different types of work and hours logged. Tenna records labor hours under individual costs and can easily produce reports, exports or enable APIs to get the data to enable payroll systems or workflows.


Tenna Mechanic Time Card UI

Cost Codes

Tenna’s CMMS allows you to create and assign cost codes to your construction maintenance data for full transparency into time and money spent on repairs and damages. Custom built for each client; cost codes are flexible by design. Contractors can choose how they want to report on costs and easily track spending against labor and parts or other miscellaneous costs.


Tenna Cost Codes UI

Repair Documentation & Reporting

Get more visibility into upcoming service needs by asset. Our software tracks all repairs and services, helping you stay current with regulations to meet safety standards and inspections. With Tenna, you’ll always maintain an accurate record of maintenance activities.


Tenna System showing the Maintenance Feature

Rental Works doing preventative maintenance on equipment

“Tenna helps us stay on top of equipment maintenance. We see longer life, more hours, and more miles out of all our equipment. We’re able to catch issues way before they become an issue.”

Shop Manager, Environmental Products Group (EPG)

Premium Product Badge for Tenna Products

CMMS is a Premium Addition to Tenna’s Core Features

CMMS is a premium product offered by Tenna that helps improve communication between field and shop teams and ensure equipment is always in working order.

Benefits of CMMS Software

Tenna makes construction fleet maintenance simple. Easily manage all equipment maintenance tasks right from your Tenna app.

Better Business

  • Control operating costs by minimizing construction maintenance, repair, and labor surprises and expenses.
  • Increase the lifespan and return on your owned assets and the value of their resale.
  • Improve site safety by flagging and fixing performance issues and necessary repairs.
  • Optimize asset performance, and lower costly replacements or the need to rent.
  • Improve documentation, compliance and equipment records.

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Decrease time wasted and improve workloads for shop teams and mechanics.
  • Increase project productivity with quicker communication and fewer resource delays.
  • Streamline scheduling in the shop and field of personnel and equipment.
  • Prolong the lifespan and uptime of construction equipment.
  • Improve equipment utilization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS is software that manages the maintenance of assets. Tenna’s construction CMMS is designed for contractors to easily manage scheduling and tracking of vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance. This helps reduce downtime, extend equipment lifespan, improve safety on sites, and lower operating costs.

What’s the difference between CMMS and ERP?

Companies use a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to manage and optimize construction maintenance operations related to assets. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manages your core business processes. Your CMMS enhances your ERP and can integrate with it for better accounting and reporting, but it does not replace it.

When I purchase Tenna’s Maintenance product, do I receive all associated modules?

When you purchase Tenna’s Maintenance product, you receive access to various maintenance services, including maintenance requests, preventative maintenance, work orders, fault codes, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), and repair documentation and reporting. Tenna’s mechanic time cards, parts and inventory management, and cost codes are additional features to enhance your CMMS.

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