Tenna’s Equipment Management Solution is the Right Size for You

We know this unique industry well and built our asset management software for construction to scale to any size company on one platform.

The Right Size for You

Small to Midsized Contractors

We know that when you have a small team, implementing technology may not be at the top of your priority list. You and your staff are constantly juggling multiple balls and have minimal time to dedicate full attention to new equipment management initiatives outside of the top priorities.

Although there is time involved in deciding on implementing a system, after the decision is made Tenna makes it easy for you to get set up on our equipment management solution. Unlike other fleet or equipment management software providers you may have dealt with in the past (we are contractors, so we know them too) who execute your contract and then fall off the grid, you can expect to hear from us and get a hold of us when you need us.

Enterprise Businesses

Enterprise-level businesses, and specifically those in the construction industry have varied, complicated operations and reporting structures. Different business units, service lines and operating entities make up your organization. Some businesses have centralized systems across all parts of the organization while others may have a decentralized structure which separates everything. Regardless, one commonality is that you want to make sure your business lines are winning work and turning a profit.

We built our mixed fleet and equipment management solution to be flexible to different internal structures and with your size and scale in mind. Your Tenna account can be built to support your entire organization so you can manage your widespread operations on a single platform for total visibility and effective communications.

We Partner with You for Success

Focus on Customer Service

Tenna’s asset management software for construction scales to support your operations but our level of service does not vary. We place a heavy emphasis on customer success and service. We provide various tools and help resources to cater to all learner types but are ultimately available and accessible to answer your questions directly at any time. We are here to ensure your team is comfortable and confident using the system to bring value and efficiencies to their work scopes and ultimately your business.

We help you with the upfront legwork to get your account up and running as quickly, efficiently and seamlessly as possible and are there for you along the way as your users get onboarded and trained.

Partnership to Help You Meet Your Equipment Management KPIs

We are dedicated to your success and to make sure you are meeting the goals you aimed to achieve when implementing Tenna. We approach your implantation, onboarding and training with a project plan that you are familiar with. After that, we want you to see results. If there is a bump in the road, we’re here to help keep you on track.

Coogler Construction With Tenna App

Equipment Management Software Features and Functionality for Your Every Need


TennaCORE includes robust functionality and features that you would expect from any asset management software for construction – asset management and tracking, sites and geofences, equipment utilization management, analytics, dashboards and reporting, maps, permissions, and more.

As a Tenna user, you can scale the system to your size as you grow, adding more users, assets and sites along the way.

Tenna UI and Mobile App Showing the Dashboard Data Analytics In Construction

Premium Products

The following premium products can be added on to the TennaCORE platform to give you a truly holistic equipment management solution.

Resource Management

Realtime, comprehensive and flexible resource management of Equipment, Labor and Crews, Trucking and Materials!

Construction Resource Management solution for equipment and labor resource requesting, planning, and dispatching that leverages real-time location, telematics alerts, maintenance needs and other operation insights of assets.

Dispatch Events on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna


Tenna’s equipment management solution integrates with your accounting and other core business systems.


Tenna and Integrations illustration


Manage all maintenance workflows from requests, work orders, to completion. Record the condition of equipment, vehicles attachments and tools. Keep a history of maintenance, schedule repairs and receive notifications of service needs. Access details on any asset to view usage, repairs or specifications.


Tenna System and Tenna App showing the Maintenance Feature

Safety & Compliance

Improve safe asset operation and handling with inspections and driver scorecards to maintain a healthy safety record and enhance your safety program. Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as DVIR and improve documentation and record keeping for audits.


Tenna System and app showing the Safety Feature

Equipment Management Solution Benefits

Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna brings the following benefits to any business’ processes, operations and organization:

Know More

  • Improved visibility across operations
  • Improve communications between the field, shop and office

Control More

  • Improved efficiencies to streamline your processes and improve productivity
  • Act on insights uncovered to improve operational performance

Make More

  • Gain time back in your day
  • Watch costs savings grow on your bottom line
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