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One Platform for All Your Construction Equipment Management Needs

Tenna was built on over 100 years of construction industry experience. We understand the complexity of bidding work, running jobs and making tough decisions. Our equipment management solution, coupled with our family of asset tracking devices combines all your fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, mid-sized equipment and small tools onto one platform, so that you can gain control over everything and get the most out of your mixed fleet of equipment and other assets.

Markets We Serve

It’s important to have an equipment management system generating better data and actionable information to maximize your equipment fleet investment to make better decisions. With improved visibility and better communication between folks in the field, shop and the office through asset tracking devices and equipment management software, everyone can share information seamlessly and work more efficiently.

Heavy Civil Construction

A mixed fleet is the second biggest cost to construction companies, and it can have a large impact on your bid margin. This being the case, managing equipment on whiteboards, in spreadsheets or with less sophisticated tracking methods is counter intuitive. Tenna’s equipment management system gives you everything you need on one platform, eliminating the need to search multiple places to find your assets’ information, location, availability, and other critical data.

Specialty Contractors

Whether you are the prime or the sub-contractor, you need to be able to readily access information to find and manage your equipment. Tenna’s equipment management system has solutions for all your asset tracking and management needs on one platform, eliminating the need to search multiple places to find your assets’ information, location, availability and other critical data.

TennaCORE Product Functionality

TennaCORE includes ALL of the below equipment management features and functionality. That’s a whole lot of power at your fingertips.

Asset Management & Tracking

Tenna’s asset tracking solution lets you manage and track all your owned and rental assets – from heavy equipment tracking to handheld tools.

Tenna System and Mobile App showing the Asset List

Maps & Geofences

Seeing your assets live on interactive maps both in real time and historically. Easily identify assets by name, fleet no., assignee or category and identify projects and other site types by their geofences.

Tenna App and Tenna software showing the Geofence feature

Sites – Projects & Other Locations

Easily access site data, account for assets, control costs, perform asset related actions and stay connected to your field, yard or office staff to increase productivity across all teams.

Tenna System showing the Sites Feature

Equipment Utilization

Tenna’s Asset and Project Utilization functionalities provide accurate and reliable data from your assets and monitors your equipment utilization.

Tenna System showing the Fleet Utilization Feature


Find more insights into how your assets are used now and in the past. See equipment tracking and usage individually or by project for more accurate costs and billing. Get actionable reports on equipment utilization across your entire mixed fleet.

Tenna UI and Mobile App Showing the Dashboard Feature

Mobile App

With Tenna’s equipment management app, you have the freedom to step away from your desk and access asset information from our One Platform at your fingertips anytime using your mobile phone or tablet device.

Tenna UI Showing the Dashboard on the App

Permissions & Notification Management

We help you customize permission levels on your equipment management system to control who can see and access different areas of your equipment fleet management system.

Each notification is accessible to users based on their permissions.

Configure default triggers, communication paths in the form of alerts, messages and reports and the frequency of each.

Notifications from the Tenna Platform shown on desktop and the Tenna App

Tracker Management

Tenna provides tracker statuses immediately after they are installed, and all the time once they are verified so you always know that they are working or if they need attention. This provides you peace of mind with reliable, uninterrupted visibility across your mixed fleet.

Tenna System showing the Tracker Management Feature

Asset Trackers

Our comprehensive asset tracking devices and various technologies allow you to track your entire mixed fleet. Whether it’s GPS asset trackers, Cellular Trackers, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons or QR code tags, we customize a solution that fits your business’ needs.

Midsized Asset tracked on the Tenna system and app

Additional Products

The following premium products can be added on to the TennaCORE platform to give you a truly holistic equipment management solution.

Resource Management

Realtime, comprehensive and flexible resource management of Equipment, Labor and Crews, Trucking and Materials!

Construction Resource Management solution for equipment and labor resource requesting, planning, and dispatching that leverages real-time location, telematics alerts, maintenance needs and other operation insights of assets.

Dispatch Events on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna


Tenna’s equipment management solution integrates with your accounting and other core business systems.

Tenna and Integrations illustration


Manage all maintenance workflows from requests, work orders, to completion. Record the condition of equipment, vehicles attachments and tools. Keep a history of maintenance, schedule repairs and receive notifications of service needs. Access details on any asset to view usage, repairs or specifications.

Tenna System and Tenna App showing the Maintenance Feature

Safety & Compliance

Improve safe asset operation and handling with inspections and driver scorecards to maintain a healthy safety record and enhance your safety program. Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as DVIR and improve documentation and record keeping for audits.

Tenna System and app showing the Safety Feature

Know More

Go Beyond Tracking. With our equipment management solution, you gain valuable data and insights. With more than just an asset’s location, you will know whether that asset is in use, idle, who is assigned to it and a whole lot more, giving you the ability to move equipment when one project runs behind, and another is moving faster.
Improve Accountability. Know what equipment is on each project and who your assets are assigned to. Tenna’s equipment management App makes it easy for your team to improve accountability for managing and utilizing your equipment, tools and materials.

Reduce Lost Assets. On average, many companies lose 5-10% of their assets each year. Our construction equipment management platform coupled with our advanced asset tracking devices helps you monitor equipment, tools and materials to reduce loss.

Control More

Plan Better. Do you have excess equipment and material available, or will you need to rent or buy more? With our solution, you know for sure and can reduce unnecessary purchases or rentals.
Optimize Uptime and Reduce Downtime. Regular maintenance keeps jobs on schedule and can cost 80% less than unplanned repairs or downtime. Tenna’s equipment management software lets you locate spare parts, schedule preventive maintenance and receive service reminders.
Improve Communications. From the field to the shop to the office, our equipment management solutions provide full visibility for your mixed assets across your entire organization.

Make More

Increase Profitability. Bid and win more work with confidence because you’re in control and efficient. You can save on significant expenses by tracking all your assets on one platform instead of paying for multiple, disjointed mixed asset tracking solutions.
Have More Predictable Days. Quickly find what you need and spend less time on manually tracking your assets. We help you stay on offense against your days so you don’t have to put out fires and can get more work done.

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