Construction Cost Codes

Empower field personnel to capture parts and labor costs.

Struggling to capture time and money spent on asset costs? Construction cost codes provide a comprehensive understanding of asset costs attributed to projects, such as job costed repairs, parts, or labor — so contractors can make informed decisions around equipment repair and maintenance.

Take control of your asset-related costs across all your operations. Cost codes are unique to each account, so you can easily track your spending against labor, parts or miscellaneous costs – how you want to track it. With Tenna’s cost codes solution, you create and assign custom cost codes to your construction maintenance data. Track everything from preventative services to mechanic time, so you can really see how much you’re spending.

How Cost Codes Work

  • Choose how you want to capture equipment and asset costs. Customized by each client, users define their own cost codes to align with their ERP and accounting systems.
  • Assign cost codes to all your maintenance data for a comprehensive understanding of finances to increase efficiency and profitability. Cost codes can be associated by preventative maintenance, maintenance requests, work orders, parts and mechanic time cards.
  • Cost codes also have an optional type for categorization of your construction expenses and up to five tiers for flexibility.
Tenna Cost Codes UI

Benefits of Mechanic Time Cards

  • Improve cost tracking and transparency.
  • Analyze equipment costs across asset categories, preventative maintenance services, work orders, mechanics, sites and more.
  • Streamline resource allocation.
  • Simplify accounting by customizing your cost codes catalog to match internal systems.
  • Empower field personnel to accurately cost code labor, parts, or miscellaneous expenses with Tenna’s easy-to-use mobile app and maintenance module.

Cost Codes Product Overview

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