Small Tool & Asset Tracking

If you need more asset tracking solutions for your entire construction fleet, we have you covered.

Your Asset Management Tracking System Includes Small Assets and Tools

You have big yellow iron and a fleet of trucks to manage but what often gets looked over is the hundreds — maybe even thousands — of attachments, miscellaneous small assets and tools. From buckets to power drills, compressors to jackhammers and surveying and testing your assets, we know this one cost center gets out of control because these assets easily go missing.

How Small Tool Tracking Works

Tenna combines your small tool tracking into a total, comprehensive equipment management solution that helps you better manage attachments, small assets and tools along with everything else in your mixed fleet on our single platform, so you can easily access and manage all your asset information.

Tenna’s family of asset trackers includes QR code labels and Bluetooth (BLE) trackers which are ideal for attachments and other smaller items. Not all your mixed assets need GPS tracking. We believe you need the right sized solution – one that fits on the asset and is cost effective.

With our Tenna app you scan the QR code or a BLE tracker with a smartphone, Tenna instantly updates the equipment location, date and time, and who scanned it. You can also add photos to document the tool’s condition and maintenance needs. Construction consumables such as inventory and construction materials are easy to manage with QR codes on the Tenna App.

Small tolls tracked with the TennaBLE Beacon on the Tenna App

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