See your Equipment Fleet as a Whole

Tenna supports assets of every type and size with asset tracking technology for your entire equipment fleet. Manage your assets efficiently and receive valuable insights on your business reliably and accurately so you see the big picture, improve communication, strengthen your operations and grow your bottom line.

With your assets under one roof, you have a central repository for all static and dynamic data pertaining to an asset that your entire organization can source from. Information on all asset types is stored in your Asset List and can be classified and categorized the way your business does it now for a smooth transition into Tenna. Step away from your desk and maintain productivity by viewing and managing these assets individually or collectively from anywhere at any time on any device.

Know More

Know where an asset is, who is responsible for it and when it is left behind.

Understand asset telematic and performance data including condition and status to know when it needs attention.

Share information to keep your office, shop and field teams connected.

Control More

Help project teams keep their assets and jobsites organized.

Increase accountability among the field teams when using or handling assets.

Take appropriate action when an asset is under (or over) utilized.

Make More

Get back hours wasted searching for assets and communicating poorly across locations.

Increase margins by decreasing unnecessary rentals or repurchases.

Accurately account for owned assets and previously hidden inventory.

Construction Assets Onsite

How It Works

Add/Update Assets

Manage Assets

Analyze Assets


Staying connected to your assets with Tenna’s asset feature brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:
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