Action QR Construction Workflow Management

Streamline Construction Workflows

Field operations are complex, and keeping all your construction workflows moving at pace is a challenge. Tenna’s Action QR simplifies and streamlines construction workflow management with customizable shortcuts, pre-programmed by you, to commonly used actions in Tenna.

Part of Tenna’s equipment management solution, Action QR is a simple and effective tool, using familiar technology, to easily facilitate a process to take place. Scanning the QR code is the catalyst that kicks off your construction processes in the field – everything from starting daily inspections to creating work orders – and immediately bringing up the workflow you need in your Tenna mobile application. Keep your crew on task, on time, in the field or in the shop with Action QR codes.

How Action QR Works

Action QR is the simple answer to poor process adoption and the challenges of workflow management. These durable QR codes can be associated with several of your construction tasks, affixed to assets or inventory parts, and then scanned to kick off your construction workflows – whenever you need them.

Associate Action QR to a Construction Workflow

  • Action QR is a quick way to access construction workflows in the Tenna mobile app.
  • When associated with inventory parts, Action QR can be used to add parts to work orders or be scanned for inventory transactions.
  • When associated with an asset, Action QR can be used to submit DVIR, request or assign an asset, or create a maintenance request, work order, inspection or fuel entry.

Affix Action QR to an Asset or Inventory Part

  • Affix QR codes to inventory parts and on or inside of your construction equipment. Like Tenna’s asset trackers, Action QR codes are durable and able to withstand the elements.
  • Reduce workflow friction by placing QR codes in obvious locations, such as next to fuel caps for fuel entry workflows. This will help crews easily remember to scan tags to kick off the process.
  • Place as many Action QRs as needed on your assets and parts. These QR codes are color coded so you can associate types of workflows with specific colors for easy and quick recognition.

Scan Action QR to Kick Off Workflows

  • Scan these smart tags with your mobile device or tablet to kickstart the associated construction tasks.
  • These QR codes pull corresponding workflow needs from the Tenna mobile app, so your crew stays on task and projects on track.
Tenna Action QR Construction Workflow Management UI

Benefits of QR Codes for Workflow Management

Better Business

  • Remove barriers across your construction operations.
  • Manage your workflow operations from the field or shop.
  • Eliminate poor process management.
  • Reduce communication needed to complete tasks.

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Digitize disjointed workflows across your organization.
  • Reduce friction around completing recurring tasks.
  • Improve adherence to standard operating procedures.
  • Increase productivity and completion of projects.

Action QR Overview

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