What is Wireless Technology?

Wireless technology facilitates communication and data sharing through devices that do not have cables or wires. An example of wireless technology includes cellular networks to WiFi. Examples of wireless devices are smart phones, cell phones, wireless keyboards, wireless routers, wireless mice, GPS trackers and more.  Basically, anything that transmits data without the use of a wire or cable is considered a wireless device.

What types of cellular wireless technologies are there?

There are several kinds of wireless cellular network technologies that maximize coverage while optimizing cost and performance.

GPS Wireless Technology used as Excavator Fills Dump Truck on Construction Site

The third-generation cellular network older technology that still offers coverage across most of the United States. Since 3G technologies have been available for nearly a decade, and they offer great coverage of major highways and roads, many GPS devices still rely on 3G for transmitting their data.


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a newer, fourth-generation cellular technology that is also widely available. It is faster but can also consume a lot of power. To address this, LTE providers may offer other technology options such as NB1.


The newest cellular technology and the fifth-generation for cellular wireless is just starting out now. The investments being made by wireless carriers and predictions from top technology publications forecast bigger applications being used in 2021 and 22. This is not surprising given the move away from 3G in most of the United States.

LTE-M / Cat-M1

LTE-M, sometimes referred to as Cat-M1, is an LTE technology optimized for non-smartphone devices. LTE-M helps to optimize tracker batteries.


LTE Narrow Band for Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is like LTE-M but is a newer technology that is even more optimized for longer tracker battery life.

What cellular technologies are used for construction equipment tracking?

A variety of cellular technologies are deployed for mixed fleets. The below chart gives you an idea of what is used more commonly used by asset type.

Type 3G 4G LTE-M
Heavy Duty Equipment Management
Fleet Tracking Management
Sites & Yards
Mid-sized Assets
Construction Technolog past present future ISO

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