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Introducing TennaINTEL, a Smart Equipment Tracker that also Reads Surrounding BLE-Tagged Assets, and TennaBLE RT1, the Newest BLE Beacon for Small Tools

TennaINTEL Equipment Tracker and TennaBLE Beacons

New Hope, PA—July 1, 2024— TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, is excited to announce the launch of TennaINTEL, providing a novel way to track and manage heavy equipment as well as ancillary assets around yards and jobsites, and the newest addition to the family of TennaBLE Beacons, the TennaBLE RT1 for small tools.

Available in a plug-in or solar configuration, TennaINTEL is the latest iteration of equipment trackers in Tenna’s hardware suite. Ideal for tracking heavy or mid-sized equipment, the plug-in configuration (TennaINTEL P1) reads ignition on/off information for understanding utilization in addition to GPS location tracking. The solar-only configuration (TennaINTEL S1), ideal for trailers and other mid-sized assets without engines, monitors location when stationary or when in motion (e.g., being towed). TennaINTEL P1 sources power from the asset when running, without drawing from the asset battery when the ignition is off. Both versions of the TennaINTEL recharge with the sun via a solar cell and boast expanded memory for better reporting when working in areas without cellular coverage, which is a challenge many contractors face when working in remote locations.

Most noteworthy about the TennaINTEL is its ability to read Bluetooth Low Energy beacons around it – which contractors can use to track ancillary assets such as small tools, parts, attachments, accessories, and other consumable or material inventory – in conjunction with the machine it is installed on. With TennaINTELs installed on heavy equipment that moves around jobsites or equipment that lives in the yard, contractors can create a “network effect” of assets in their fleet and across their areas of operations all tracked and managed on Tenna; a “network” that can continuously expand thanks to Tenna’s innovative, durable hardware that allows contractors to track specialized items in their mixed construction fleets that they never had tracking solutions for previously.

Along with TennaINTEL, Tenna has released the newest model of its Bluetooth beacon, the TennaBLE RT1, intended for autonomous small asset and tool tracking. Compact in size, as Tenna’s smallest BLE offering at just 1.71-inches in diameter, this device lends itself to installations with limited available real estate.

The RT1 is the first of several new additions to the TennaBLE Beacon family planned for 2024, with additional models hitting the market in the coming months to support even more varied asset classes that have not previously had an ideal tracking solution, such as steel road plates and trench boxes.

As with all Tenna hardware, both the TennaINTEL and TennaBLE RT1 devices were designed with construction use cases in mind, tested in construction environments, and leverage Tenna’s knowledge and expertise in construction assets that other telematics providers lack. The end results are durable, high quality, reliable products that continue to support contractors in their equipment management pursuits for years.

“TennaINTEL creates an additional mechanism for reading BLE beacons more frequently,” says Enrique Alfaro, Director of Hardware at Tenna. “This product pairing eliminates a potential barrier by taking the human element out of BLE reading and reduces the risk of not being able to capture data when there are no personnel nearby with their phones to pick up the signals.” For contractors with labor shortages or working in remote, wide-spread work areas, this can make a big difference for regular, reliable location tracking.

The intent behind these products is for contractors to expand the types of assets they can track and manage within their fleet and provide an additional way to monitor their more varied asset classes. “Contractors routinely lose their small assets and overrun the small tools budgets on their jobs. TennaINTEL paired with TennaBLE beacons eliminates the daily yard walk and provides an effortless, efficient and low-cost method for contractors to track assets without engines alongside their entire mixed fleet,” says Jose Cueva, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Tenna. “With this premium product pairing, contractors can autonomously monitor the location of items that always gave them a headache to find.”

Improved asset, tool and inventory management with these products results in more accurate job costing, budget control and improved project margins. Keeping track of these miscellaneous but critical assets also helps contractors save on frequent high replacement costs and time spent searching for these items to increase productivity. With TennaINTEL, multiples of these assets, when tagged with one of Tenna’s various BLE Beacons (up to 128 beacons at a time), can be read for autonomous location tracking in tandem with monitoring a piece of equipment.

These products represent the latest example of Tenna’s commitment to providing new, innovative solutions that enable contractors to track their varied asset classes on a single platform. Together, TennaINTEL and the TennaBLE family of rugged beacons make it feasible for contractors to track heavy equipment alongside their smaller, specialized assets that are easy to lose and frequently replaced.

Contact Tenna to learn more about TennaINTEL and the growing suite of TennaBLE Beacons.

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