What is GPS Tracking?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a mature technology that works in nearly any outdoor location with a network connection. Tracking devices that use GPS technology report the GPS location of an object at regular intervals.

GPS tracking for Construction Equipment

Size, Materials and Durability.

GPS tracking for construction equipment uses devices in a variety of sizes. Some GPS devices are very small typically for consumer use—like tracking your car keys. Larger devices are typically used for more industrial use, including construction. As technology improves, devices are being made to satisfy construction’s needs—durable and small.

GPS Wireless Technology used as Excavator Fills Dump Truck on Construction Site

GPS Tracker Types

There are typically four types of GPS trackers used in construction equipment tracking.


No power supply is required.


The device works gets powered by the equipment it is plugged into.


New technology that allows for the sun to power the device. Best used on outdoor equipment.

Fleet Trackers

Plug into the vehicle that is being tracked.

GPS Tracking Demonstration with a Satellite, Heavy Equipment and Cell Phone

How does GPS tracking work?

GPS tracking devices receive ping messages from several Earth-orbiting satellites maintained by the US Air Force. A GPS device uses these ping messages to calculate the device’s precise location, often within feet. GPS’s ability to track a precise location from nearly anywhere outside is optimal for tracking medium to large equipment and vehicles on the move. GPS tracking for construction equipment uses cellular data, similar to your cell phone, to transmit the information.

What can GPS tracking for construction be used for?

GPS Trackers are ideal for tracking fleet vehicles and heavy equipment to monitor precise location, and other telematic information like engine hours/miles and other diagnostic data in real-time.

Trucks and Fleet Vehicles

Monitor on-road fleet vehicles for performance and maintenance needs.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Track the precise location of large, engine-operated equipment and machines.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

GPS is a great solution for your construction assets. Benefits include:

Global Range

Works in nearly any outdoor location

Location Precision

Engine Data

Other Telematic Data

Plug-in Types Only

Improved equipment management

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