GPS Technology

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a mature technology that works in nearly any outdoor location with a network connection. GPS devices receive ping messages from several Earth-orbiting satellites maintained by the US Air Force. A GPS device uses these ping messages to calculate the device’s precise location, often within feet. GPS’s ability to track a precise location from nearly anywhere outside is optimal for tracking medium to large assets on the move.

TennaGO Trackers

The TennaGO trackers are flexible, durable, easy-to-install and long-lasting for reliable equipment tracking and management. TennaGO trackers connect via cellular network and are ideal for tracking position or engine hours for heavy equipment and machines. 

Tenna Fleet Tracker

The Tenna Fleet Tracker is designed to plug into the standard OBD II or JBUS vehicle interface. In addition to transmitting live data GPS location information over a cellular network connection, the Tenna Fleet Tracker also transmits telematics data.

Use Cases

GPS Trackers are ideal for tracking fleet vehicles and heavy equipment to monitor precise location, engine hours and other diagnostic data in real-time.

Trucks and Fleet Vehicles

Monitor on-road fleet vehicles for performance and maintenance needs.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Track the precise location of large, engine-operated equipment and machines.

Multiple Solutions

We provide multiple solutions and technologies to best track your specific asset suite, in manual, passive and autonomous methods, to best meet your unique tracking needs. One size does not fit all.


Track your assets anywhere on the map.

Global Range

Works in nearly any outdoor location.

Engine Data

Monitor asset engine data to keep up with maintenance and avoid breakdowns.

Location Precision

Great for finding the exact asset location.
Product Sheet

Product Sheet

Automatic, Real Time Asset Tracking by GPS

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