BLE Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is variant of the Bluetooth technology used everywhere in consumer electronics. BLE Beacons are excellent for fully automated tracking of small to mid-sized assets. BLE is optimized for long-life without sacrificing range – up to 300 feet – making it ideal for asset tracking. They are available in uncased and cased models for indoor or outdoor use.

BLE Beacons

Tenna’s BLE Beacons come in a hardened, water-resistant protective case that houses the beacon with a common cell phone battery for power. The beacon can be screwed, bolted, tied, or glued to the asset.

The beacon sends out a periodic signal, typically once per second, that can be read by a BLE reader at distances ranging from 30 to 300 feet away. The technology is optimized to conserve battery life, so beacons can last for 3 years. The Beacons use common cellphone batteries that are inexpensive and easy to replace.

BLE Readers

BLE Beacon signals can be read by the Tenna App on a mobile device. These readers work automatically in the background without the need for human intervention to take recordings.

With the Tenna App, any smartphone can act as a reader. The Tenna App uses a smart phone’s built in Bluetooth capability to read BLE Beacon ping messages when they are in range. The App records the item’s identifier and location which is then transmitted to Tenna’s software in the cloud where it is stored.


Use Cases

Transmitting regular pings every two minutes to hub readers within 300 feet away, BLE beacons are ideal for autonomous asset tracking in warehouses or on jobsites.

Small Assets

Beacons can be added to smaller assets so they can easily be found in a warehouse, on a jobsite, or being towed within or behind a vehicle.

Mid-Sized Assets

Track generators, trailers, light towers and parts and attachments for your larger equipment.

Multiple Solutions

We provide multiple solutions and technologies to best track your specific asset suite, in manual, passive and autonomous methods, to best meet your unique tracking needs. One size does not fit all.


Easy wireless inventory.


Automated reading in the background.


Long Range

Works within a 300-foot range.

Location Precision

Great for finding the exact asset location.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet

Tenna BLE Beacons

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