Asset Tracking

Increase Visibility

Tenna’s Asset Tracking solution lets you monitor important details on all your owned and rental assets – from heavy equipment tracking to handheld tool tracking. Skip the complicated, manual data entry with a variety of automated trackers, a simple mobile app, and an intuitive web interface you can use from anywhere.

How It Works

Our equipment fleet tracking solution is designed to make tracking all your assets as simple and painless as possible so you can Know More, Control More and Make More. Use our asset trackers to automate readings, the mobile app to make updates in the field, and our web interface to view everything together on One Platform.


We offer a variety of autonomous trackers that attach or plug in to tools, equipment and vehicles and don’t need your help.


Simply use the Tenna App to quickly scan assets with manual trackers for easy updates and hands-on control.

Manage Inventory

See location, asset details, history, and more on our web and mobile interfaces from anywhere you are.

Tenna Asset Tracking

  • Monitor owned vs. rental assets
  • Find asset locations on a map
  • Know when assets are running with real-time data
  • Integrate with AEMP/OEMs to track all your assets on One Platform
  • Know when assets are being under or overutilized
  • Configure alerts based on asset events and geofence boundaries
  • Create work orders and view maintenance details and status
  • Reserve assets for future project use
  • Automate asset transfer, schedule assets across sites and monitor assignees
  • Associate related assets into groups
  • Manage quantities of construction materials and inventory


Know more, Control more and Make more to gain peace of mind using Tenna’s extensive mixed fleet management features unified on One Platform.

Save Time

Stop wasting time trying to locate and allocate assets.

Reduce Costs

Avoid asset losses and save with proactive maintenance.

One View

Create instant visibility over all your business' assets.

Tenna Asset Tracking (Product Download)

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