Asset Tracker Management

Trust Your Trackers

There’s nothing more frustrating than rolling out a new system only to find that its not working and you don’t know why. Without visibility, you are left spending your valuable time spinning your wheels on how to fix it. We’ve got you covered so you never have to worry about your data not reporting without you knowing.

Tenna arms you with key information about your asset trackers immediately after they are installed, and all the time once they are verified so you always know that they are working or if they need attention. This provides you with uninterrupted visibility across your mixed fleet. With this information, you have the confidence that your data is accurate and can make better decisions with it.

Heavy Equipment Asset Tracking Visibility

How It Works

Asset Tracker Verification

You will get off on the right foot during your implementation with our easy tool to verify that your trackers are synced to the platform and performing correctly immediately following installation.

Monitor Asset Tracker Performance

You can see the status of all your trackers at your fingertips and run reports on specific criteria. You always know what is online, offline, running on low battery, and which trackers are in your inventory waiting to be installed.


You will be alerted when a tracker is offline so you can immediately assess the cause and get it back up and running to keep your assets connected. You will also be notified when your tracker battery is low so you can recharge or order a replacement.


Managing your trackers with Tenna’s Tracker Management feature keeps your data healthy. This keeps your platform running smoothly and provides the following benefits to your operations and organization:

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Tenna Tracker Management (Product Download)

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