Safety Camera

When Safety Incidents Happen, Get the Whole Picture

With so many distractions behind the wheel, it’s important to have eyes on the road. Thankfully, with safety dashboard cameras, you have more eyes than just your drivers’. Dashcams with GPS tracking are a type of safety camera that monitor driving events that take place leading up to and during vehicle accidents or driving violations. The valuable footage captured by the dashcam serves to exonerate your drivers when they are involved in incidents that are not their fault and provide feedback to drivers when improvements could be made to their routine safety behaviors.

Tenna’s safety cam functionality, part of our premium Safety & Compliance feature, is available to enhance your safety program in effort to continuously monitor and improve your safety performance. You can only improve safety when you have data about violations that are occurring across your fleet – Tenna’s goal is to be your source of truth.

With safer and more conscious fleet vehicle operation, you improve the overall health and safety of your employees and fleet vehicles.

Know More

Maintain full visibility over your on-road fleet activity at any time from wherever you are and view high-definition driving footage alongside your trip records.

Be alerted when incidents occur during trips with a notification and corresponding footage providing context around the incident or unsafe event details.

Control More

Monitor unsafe behaviors and spot driving trends and near misses to focus on for improvements.

Provide proof of fault during incident and accident events or insurance disputes.

Make More

Protect your fleet, your drivers and your pockets against wrongful at-fault claims and associated repair costs and insurance deductibles.

Reduce your insurance premiums and expedite claim processes with a robust safety program.

How It Works

Pair your Dash Cam to your Fleet Tracker

  • The fleet tracker detects driving events that trigger a dash camera recording.
  • The event-generated recording gets uploaded to Tenna and stored for review based on permission level.

Observe Recordings Based on each Trip

  • You get notified when a violation has taken place with corresponding footage from the dash cam to review.
  • See trip events and violations from each trip at the asset level.
  • Review reports and footage in the video dashboard to analyze event details including location, traffic conditions and more (depending on permission level).

Monitor Trends and Improvements

  • Identify safe performance or areas for improvement for each driver to focus on from footage of violations that can be reviewed on their driver scorecard, and coach drivers to instill a culture of safety and inspire progress.
  • Maintain visibility into daily individual driver safety performance with dashcam footage and driver scorecards with total violation counts captured for each vehicle and truck.


Managing your fleet safety with Tenna’s safety camera feature brings the following benefits to your business’ processes and operations:

  • Improved visibility over on-road operations
  • Reduced risk of safety incidents
  • Reduced risk of violations and claims
  • Improved safety performance and record
  • Increased compliance with company safety policies
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Improved record keeping and documentation
  • Increased fuel savings and reduce unnecessary wear & tear with more conscious driving

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