Master Maps for Equipment Management

Maps for the Ultimate Equipment Management Solution

Who doesn’t love a great map? Tenna’s equipment management system offers a variety of map options which makes for the ultimate equipment management solution.

Live views, blinking lights, advanced filtering and searching, safety monitoring and more – Tenna’s Master Map feature has it all! On your desktop or your mobile device, always know what’s going on with your fleet with advanced maps that give you total visibility into your operations. View live data on the map, study historical data on reports or easily review historical records on the map for greater context.

How Maps Work

Multiple Highly Interactive Map Options to Suit Your Needs

Seeing your assets live on interactive maps both in real time and historically. Easily identify assets by Name, Fleet No. Assignee and Category and identify projects and other site types by their geofences.

  • Master Map allows you to collectively view all assets, sites and geofences on one map.
  • Live View allows you to see the live location on all your vehicles and equipment that have GPS asset trackers installed when they are running.
  • Trip Finder allows you to recall and review previous trips based on a location and time frame.

Visualize Your Entire Business

Management staff can see live data for equipment and vehicles that are running, Trip/Cycle History, heat maps of asset activity in a particular location, which assets are within which geofences, precise routes driven with Snap-to-Route functionality, driver safety incident locations, vehicle speeds and other trip events, and can uncover which assets were in which areas during certain time frames with Trip Finder.

Get to Where and What You Need Fast

Field Personnel can route themselves directly to jobsites or exact asset locations, and filter the map for specific category types or assets that are running directly from the Tenna app.
Equipment in a construction yard being tracked with equipment management tracking

"One of the things I like best about Tenna is the integrated live map-view…It helps immensely when trying to locate certain assets for the dispatcher. If we've got one Foreman looking for an asset, we can easily locate it and divert it as needed."

Jake J.

Director of Operations, R.J. Grondin & Sons

Benefits of Live Maps

Benefits of Tenna’s dynamic master maps bring the following ease to your equipment management processes.

Increase equipment management efficiencies and productivity

  • Increase visibility over asset location and activity from anywhere
  • Faster response times and decision making
  • Increase productivity through efficiencies in the field
  • Enhance insights into overall operations both live and historically in the office
  • Improve operational and safety performance

Maps Product Overview

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