International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Compliance

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If you work in multiple states, then you may often move your equipment across state lines from project to project and as result, must comply with government IFTA requirements. By knowing where your trucks or vehicles are accumulating IFTA miles by jurisdiction, fuel type and asset you will have the IFTA data you need for your federal fuel tax reporting.

With our mission of delivering automated insights to contractors, Tenna can support you in the process of calculating fuel tax that you are liable to report to the federal government based on your area of operations. In addition to our standard telematic fleet tracking data, we provide automated reports of miles driven per jurisdiction as an added benefit so you and your accounting team can easily pinpoint trip data that can contribute to accurate tax estimates.

This automation improves the old process of manually collecting, analyzing and accounting for how many miles your trucks or vehicles drove by state, region, province, etc.

Know More

IFTA is a regulation that contractors must comply with when operating trucks and vehicles in multiple jurisdictions outside of their “base state” for tax reporting, calculated based on miles and fuel costs in states or provinces that drivers of “IFTA-qualified motor vehicles” have entered.

Control More

Leverage telematics data you are already getting from your trucks and vehicles to effortlessly automate IFTA compliance while reducing human error.

Make More

Work with accurate data to submit accurate tax amounts and avoid over or underpaying.

How It Works

  • Part of Tenna’s Safety & Compliance package, Tenna translates trip data for IFTA-required vehicles and delivers automated reports on miles driven by jurisdiction for easy analysis.
  • Maintain compliance and support for audits by analyzing trips taken by trucks and vehicles with IFTA reporting requirements to determine the IFTA miles driven by jurisdiction. Classify assets as IFTA-compliant or not.
  • Attribute and designate assets that require IFTA compliance and filter your asset list to find these easily. Miles are accurately recorded on a trip by trip basis using data your fleet trackers are already collecting for your trucks and vehicles.
  • Manage IFTA miles (vs. non-IFTA miles) driven by automatically accumulating and reporting on miles at the end of each quarter. Tenna delivers consolidated reports of IFTA miles driven by vehicle, fuel type or jurisdiction for analyzing data the most relevant way for you to report for full compliance.


Supporting compliance with Tenna’s IFTA functionality brings the following benefits to your processes and operations:

  • Time savings
  • Increased efficiencies with automation
  • Improved data analysis
  • Improved communication and data sharing for accounting
  • Improved record keeping and documentation
  • Reduced risk of misreporting or non-compliance
  • Reduces human error
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved asset management

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