Driver Scorecard

Manage Individual and Company Safety Metrics

Driver scorecards provide a summary of your drivers’ performance on the road. Scorecards rely on telematics data and sensors from your vehicles equipped with fleet trackers to report driver behaviors like idling, speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking. Driver Scorecards give you a big picture view of your company safety performance on the road.

Tenna’s Driver Scorecard, which is part of the premium Safety & Compliance feature, is a driver management system that incorporates technology and information that will support and enhance your company safety program with an objective overview of your team’s performance. Our scorecards are an easy-to-understand method of driver behavior monitoring and incentivizing drivers to be aware of their tendencies and drive carefully. Your team can assess driver scorecards to identify behavioral trends and areas that contribute to safety incidents on the road to help identify safety goals and direct areas for your drivers to focus on improving. With safer and more conscious vehicle operation, you also improve the overall health of your fleet vehicles.

Driver Scorecard Dashboard from Tenna Platform

Know More

Improve visibility over driver behavior and safety with driver performance tracking.

Easily spot driving trends and insights across your team that contribute to safety violations or excessive vehicle wear and tear.

Identify effectiveness by observing shifts in behavior and seeing results over time.

Control More

Promote awareness and compliance with company procedures and safety culture.

Coach your teams collaboratively and with accountability based on trends revealed on scorecards.

Incentivize and engage drivers to improve individually and contribute to a strong company safety record.

Make More

Reduce insurance premiums with documented safety tracking programs.

Reduce risk of costly on road accidents, violations and claims.

Qualify for more work with a robust safety program and win more with an improved safety record.

"With the insights we got from Tenna’s Driver Scorecard feature, we made business decisions to change our vehicle policy and save on our overall vehicle and insurance costs."
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How It Works

Set your Thresholds and Grading Criteria

Observe Scorecards Based On Each Trip

Monitor Trends and Improvements


Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna’s Driver Scorecard feature brings the following benefits to your business’ processes, operations and organization:

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