Equipment Theft Prevention

Protect Your Assets

Contractors can lose up to 10% of their fleet each year due to internal theft, and even more due to external theft of construction equipment and tools. Much of this loss is not recovered.

Tenna’s equipment management system gives contractors the confidence that their equipment is always accounted for and their investments in their expensive mixed fleet assets are protected. Telematics, GPS tracking and QR technologies can aid in keeping you connected to your equipment and tools and maintain visibility to combat theft and loss.

Graphic with Geofence Alert to help with Equipment Theft Prevention
Equipment Management and Asset Tracking on Mobile App and Desktop

How it Works

Our construction theft prevention solution is designed to allow contractors to track down their equipment and tools and take viable steps towards recovering those that may have been lost or stolen with total visibility into their equipment fleet’s locations and operations.


Create precise geofence boundaries around site locations (projects, warehouse or storage yards) on the map to monitor for asset entry and exit events and automate asset location updates.


Leverage telematic location data and movement history using cellular/GPS trackers to maintain equipment visibility and awareness around relocation and transfers.


Identify your projects, offices and yard site locations to reinforce asset location and transfer activity between business locations. Knowing where the asset was last is key in tracing its location update activity.


Configure custom notifications during specific days and time frames for each site and geofence to help identify potential instances of theft when assets are moving during unauthorized hours and send alerts to your chosen personnel.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected to your assets even when you’re not at your desk – especially since your teams are often looking for assets on your jobsites. Advanced map and live data functionality show you up-to-date location data in real time.


Inventory all your assets in a central equipment tracking system. Knowing what you have is important to identifying theft, followed by visibility over where your assets are, as reported by equipment trackers, and knowing who they are assigned to.


GPS isn't the only answer.

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