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Building A Data-Driven Future for Construction with Austin Conti

Austin Conti, CEO, sits down with Hoopaugh Grading Company to share how his deep roots in the industry, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, led to the inception of Tenna. Austin delves into the challenges he faced during the startup phase and the crucial role of data resources in transforming the construction landscape.

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Construction’s Best Software, Hardware, Tools, and Equipment Companies

Since 2009, Constructech has been providing the top companies that focus on technology within the construction industry. Constructech provides tech-minded construction companies with the top 50 companies that are market leaders and innovators. Tenna is proud to announce that we made their list. At Tenna, our focus is to empower construction companies with the best solution for tracking and managing all of their assets—from small tools to fleet with a combination of unique hardware devices and software functionalities to fit each individual customer’s needs. Our single platform provides construction businesses with the most robust, total asset management solution

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Construction Business Owner Magazine highlights NJ Site & Utility Contractors’ success with Tenna

From a manual process to an automated streamlined performance solution. Our client, NJ Site & Utility Contractors transformed their equipment management system to streamline efficiencies, gain visibility and view information in real-time.

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Landscape Management highlights Tenna

Tenna was mentioned on Landscape Management as a tool to improve production and save labor.

Landscape Management highlights Tenna -
Ameriscape’s equipment features scannable QR codes that link to its repair history and other data.

Tony Canorro, Fleet Manager at Ameriscape “It leverages the smartphones that all of our guys already are using,” Canorro says. “Everybody’s always using them, so it’s just another app on their phone.”

“It helps with triage a lot, too,” Canorro says. “When things get hot and heavy in the summer, there is going to be more equipment broken than the mechanics can fix at once. They can scroll through the system and see everything in ‘items down for maintenance,’ and they don’t have to do a lot of the initial diagnoses themselves. They can get going on the equipment that needs immediate assistance.”


Source: Landscape Management

Photo:Martin Allred,

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