Your Business Operates across Multiple Locations

Tenna’s Sites feature is simple and straightforward for use in the office and in the field. You set-up your business’ projects, yards and offices to capture inventory and utilization by site. Easily access site data, account for assets, control costs, perform asset related actions and stay connected to your field, yard or office staff to increase productivity across all teams.

Superintendents can use the Sites feature in their day to day operations to see what they have available and speed up their work instead of slowing them down. Accountants can easily access a project’s financial information. Equipment Managers can better manage equipment needs with visibility over the Project’s asset list and make sure assets move to the appropriate locations as projects wind down.

Highlighted Sites and Yards on Map

Know More

Know which assets are on your site currently and what was there previously.

View asset-related operational costs.

See assets inside your site boundaries or zones on the map for a birds eye view over your operations.

Control More

Aid project teams in keeping their jobsites organized.

Ensure assets return to the yard or are sent to the next project after a project ends.

Control resources across operations with knowledge on which assets are on which sites.

Make More

Manage owned and rented assets together to stick to your budget and grow your margin.

Account for all assets to avoid loss.

Reduce unnecessary rental costs by better utilizing what you know you have available.

Fleet on Construction Site and Yards

How It Works

Add/Update Sites

Manage Sites

Analyze Sites


Organizing your projects and support locations with Tenna’s Sites feature brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:

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