Total Cost of Ownership

Know How Much Your Assets are Costing You

Contractors want to know how much it’s costing them to own and operate their equipment. Your business is asset-intensive, and equipment is one of your biggest investments and cost centers. Between initial acquisition costs, over or under utilization, maintenance and repair costs and depreciation, contractors want data that gives them the ability to easily draw conclusions on how much their assets are costing or earning them.

Tenna’s equipment management and asset tracking solutions give you insights that better inform you of your total cost of ownership for each asset in your mixed equipment fleet, as well as revenue generated from using and renting out your owned assets that reduces your total costs.

Knowing this data helps inform equipment managers and business owners when it makes better sense to own vs. rent and know when it’s time to unload an asset that is costing your more than its working for the business.

Construction Site with Images of Equipment Management on Tenna's Platform
Equipment Management and Asset Tracking on Mobile App and Desktop

How it Works

Tenna helps you determine how much you are spending on owning and operating your assets so that you can make adjustments in your business, workflows and operations as needed to improve efficiencies which directly translate to reduced costs.

Asset Library

Know what you have and where to save tons of time and money by reducing delays and unnecessary rental costs. Monitor costs associated with owning your assets (payments, interest, fees, book gain/loss, net, etc.), operating them (parts and labor costs) and billing rates associated with using and renting them out to manage how much they are costing vs. earning you.

Equipment Utilization Monitoring (engine run time)

Monitor individual machine utilization with telematics to see if each heavy truck and piece of equipment is being sufficiently utilized and getting maximum uptime or learn when you are wasting money on finance payments on assets you aren’t using.

Equipment Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking

Automate preventive maintenance triggers and reminders to ensure regular maintenance is performed to reduce costs associated with breakdowns, improve performance and reliability, reduce or slow depreciation and increase your ROI on your owned assets.


See how frequently some equipment is requested more than others to ensure your machines get adequate uptime, are being scheduled for maintenance when appropriate, and aren’t being hoarded or hidden on jobsites instead of being better utilized elsewhere.


Run reports on asset activity and heavy cost centers like fuel consumption, parts and labor for repairs and operating behaviors over time that can be curbed to reduce costs.

Dashboard and Answers

Quickly review your investment costs, equipment utilization, equipment maintenance and repairs and rental spend to easily draw conclusions on how much your assets are costing you for awareness and opportunities for improvement.

Safety & Compliance

Leverage safety insights to lower your risk of malfunction, safety issues and repair costs while lowering your insurance premiums for a triple cost reduction benefit.


Know more, Control more and Make more to manage and reduce your total cost of ownership using Tenna’s asset tracking and equipment management features unified on One Platform.

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