Safety & Compliance

Safety Plays A Major Role In Construction Businesses

A key component of proper construction equipment management and overall business success involves the safe operation of construction assets and regulatory compliance reporting.

Tenna supports safety efficiencies by letting project, safety and administrative personnel manage and monitor safety and compliance across your entire equipment fleet. Your team can assess driver scorecards and dashcam footage, perform and record equipment inspections and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), use your telematics data to comply with IFTA requirements, and track and reduce violations to efficiently streamline and implement safety across your assets and your business.

Premium Feature

Safety & Compliance is a premium addition to Tenna's core platform made up of the Assets, Sites, Utilization, Reports and Answers features. This optional functionality is valuable for strengthening your internal safety culture and streamlining required safety and compliance documentation processes. If Safety & Compliance is not a use case for your business, then you don’t need to pay for it when implementing Tenna.

Know More

Improve visibility over operations and safety performance with GPS equipment tracking.

Identify safety hazards or potential performance issues in advance of operation.

See more insights quickly and efficiently across teams with reports and digital records.

Control More

Promote awareness and compliance with federal and DOT regulations and company procedures.

Apply insights on behavioral trends to improve safety performance and reduce risk of costly violations or maintenance due to unsafe handling.

Streamline processes for thorough completion and streamline your business for centralized fleet and safety data for better visibility and improved record keeping.

Make More

Reduce insurance premiums with documented safety and driver tracking programs.

Reduce operating costs and avoid costly breakdowns, malfunctions or fines.

Win more work with an improved safety record.

Bulldozer with Safety and Compliance

How It Works


Safety and Compliance


Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna’s Safety & Compliance feature brings the following benefits to your business’ processes, operations and organization:
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