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TennaTalk is a podcast created for construction contractors. This podcast gives you the information and quick answers you need on construction technology related to equipment fleet operations for your business – in some cases in less than 5 minutes.

TennaTalk Podcast
Episode 23
September 9, 2020

What are tracking devices?

In the construction industry, tracking devices are used to track heavy equipment, mid-sized equipment and fleet vehicles.

Episode 22
August 31, 2020

Total Cost of Ownership for Construction Equipment

As construction equipment is one of a contractor’s highest cost centers, being cost conscious about your equipment utilization and your owning and operating costs is critical. All contractors calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) a little bit differently, with various expenses to consider.

Episode 21
August 26, 2020

Webinar – Fleet Management as a Strategic Advantage: The Opportunity of Operational Intelligence

This webinar follows FMI’s Fleet in the C-Suite research to improve leveraging equipment assets and FMI’s partnership with Tenna as we engage in a conversation about fleet management best practices and the application of modern technology to optimize the company’s investment in the fleet.

Episode 20
August 24, 2020

Is there GPS tracking for construction equipment?

Look at any job site, and you will see a lot of construction equipment. If you are a contractor on a job, can you see all your equipment, and know what equipment is on your site? Is it working? Is it being utilized? Can you see what’s available to you on other projects or at the yard that you may be needing next week?

Episode 19
August 5, 2020

How Equipment Fleet Management Effects the Bottom Line

In construction businesses, the more transparency you have over your assets (people, equipment, tools), the more margin you can earn, more competitive you will be and more profit you will generate.

Episode 18
July 31, 2020

What is equipment tracking software?

What is equipment tracking software?  We get asked this question frequently and wanted to provide information on what equipment tracking software is, how it works, industries that commonly use it and the benefits of using it.

Episode 17
July 9, 2020

What are the benefits of a GPS tracker for equipment?

“What  are the benefits of a GPS tracker for equipment?” This is one of the  most asked questions we get. Not surprising as you weigh your options against other tracking technologies and want to understand the benefits of GPS.

Episode 16
June 11, 2020

Contractor Challenges During COVID-19; the Potential for Opportunity and Looking Ahead

Based on conversations with our partners at FMI and our customers, we know that contractors are looking for guidance  for businesses reopening, resources and ways to navigate COVID-19 while  remaining profitable and continuing projects.

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