Podcasts for Contractors

TennaTalk is a podcast created for construction contractors. This podcast gives you the information and quick answers you need on construction technology related to equipment fleet operations for your business – in some cases in less than 5 minutes.

Tenna  has consolidated resources for you below that cut through the noise to  give you what we know matters to you and your business.  We will  continually add to this post as more information relevant to contractors  becomes available.

Once  you’ve decided to invest in and implement a new construction equipment  fleet management system for your company, the fun begins. During your buying journey your vendor should have provided a comprehensive overview of their implementation process.

There  are a few phases and subphases of the buying journey that begin once  you know where you want to go – or once you know what you are looking  for.

When  looking for ways to improve business, Owners and their Management team  spend a great deal of time looking at inefficiencies and how to better  their operations so that they can make more money.

There  is a myriad of challenges (and strategies) for successful technology  adoption in different industries. Some industries have embraced  technology, so their pain is too many tools, while others are slow  adopters of technology and believe they don’t need it.

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