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TennaTalk is a podcast created for construction contractors. This podcast gives you the information and quick answers you need on construction technology related to equipment fleet operations for your business – in some cases in less than 5 minutes.

TennaTalk Podcast
Episode 31
July 27, 2021

2021 Mini Series EP: 4 – Improve Every Facet of Your Business with Equipment Management Integrated into your Technology Ecosystem

Learn the value of construction integrations and how a mature and connected technology ecosystem improves the lives of those in the construction industry.

Episode 30
July 22, 2021

What is GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment?

Simply put, GPS tracking for heavy equipment is a process by which you to track the location of your heavy equipment using a hardware device that reports GPS position (and in some cases, other telematic data) to a central software platform, typically using cellular technology.

Episode 29
June 25, 2021

Some Surprising Benefits of GPS Tracking for Construction

GPS tracking for construction equipment not only prevents theft, it gives you a comprehensive view of your entire fleet assets in one place.

Episode 28
May 26, 2021

Heavy Equipment Fleet Management: What you need to know

Heavy equipment fleet management software.

Episode 27
May 25, 2021

2021 Mini Series EP: 3 – Successful Construction Tech Adoption Requires Mindset Shift

Cultural shifts are taking place on both sides of the aisle as contractors continue to adopt construction tech.

Episode 26
March 30, 2021

2021 Mini Series EP: 2 – Best Practices for Telematics Installations

Reasons contractors see failure with telematics adoptions and the right ways to build buy-in from the field to ensure success (from contractors who have done it first-hand).

Episode 25
February 18, 2021

Asset Tracking Systems for Construction

We discuss the tracking of physical assets (vs. digital or other types of assets) and are focused specifically on asset tracking for construction.

Episode 24
January 27, 2021

2021 Mini Series Ep: 1 – Consolidated and Focused Equipment Fleet Management

How consolidated and focused equipment fleet management software allows contractors to adopt with success.

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