The Tenna Marketplace

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Trade. Rent.

Your storage yard accumulates leftover material from past jobs or unneeded equipment, and you don’t want to sell it at auction for pennies on the dollar.

Or maybe you need extra equipment but don’t want to pay full price for new items from dealers.

Welcome to the Tenna Marketplace.

How the Tenna Marketplace Works


The Tenna Marketplace is the online source to find equipment or material that you need, or dispose of what you don’t need any more. Without any middleman, commission or markup.

The Marketplace lists equipment, tools and materials that are available from other Tenna customers. It’s easy to find more of what you need – search by type of equipment or material, where it is located, its age and usage.

Each Marketplace item has a photograph, condition and price. And the contact information of the owner, so you can ask questions and negotiate directly – with no commission or mark-up by Tenna.

Tenna customers can easily move assets into or out of the Marketplace with one click on their asset detail screen.

The Marketplace is open for anyone, including non-customers. Click below to explore the marketplace or to join.

Smart Deals

Visit the online Marketplace to explore what’s available.

The Marketplace is open and transparent, so you can find more and trust more.

Search online and see photos, model numbers, usage hours, mileage and more. Plus every item has a price, so you can make smart selections.

Once you find what you need, you contact the owner directly without any middleman, dealer or auctioneer.

It’s another way that Tenna helps you find more.

What You Can Do

Get Access to What You Need

The Marketplace lets you buy or rent items from other Tenna customers. Search the Marketplace, then contact the owner to negotiate price and terms via the contact information listed on the page.

Sell or Rent What You No Longer Need

If you have unneeded equipment in your inventory, use the Marketplace to offer it to other Tenna customers. No auctioneer takes a percentage.


Whenever you have unneeded equipment or material, just one click on Tenna will move it to the Marketplace for everyone to see. Easier than advertising or listing with an auction.

Try The Tenna Marketplace Today

See how the Marketplace can help your business find more and do more today.

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