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TennaFLEET Tracker

TennaFLEET Fleet Tracker

The TennaFLEET Tracker helps manage your Fleet vehicles and trucks by reading diagnostic info from the vehicle Engine Control Unit (ECU). The Fleet Tracker is designed to plug into the standard OBD II or JBUS vehicle interface. The TennaFLEET tracker transmits live GPS data over a cellular connection. When in-trip, the tracker transmits telematics data like GPS location, speed, engine hours and other important diagnostic information. When not in-trip, the tracker transmits location information.

Best For - Fleet Trucks and vehicles
OBD II Connector

A vehicles’ computerized diagnostic data center is known as On-board diagnostics (OBD). Today, all consumer vehicles are required by law to have an OBD interface. The OBD-II specification is what is in use in most automobiles today. OBD-II can be accessed via a specific 16-pin connector which is also standardized under SAE J1962.


Connection methods include: 

JBUS Connector

Heavy-duty vehicles utilize J-BUS, sometimes referred to as the Modbus protocol, for vehicle diagnostics. J-BUS devices are typically accessed with one of two connectors – a 6-pin J1708 or a 9-pin J1939.


Connection methods include: 

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