Track Construction Consumables

Construction Material Management and Inventory Management on the go

Because it’s often difficult to track who uses what and when, consumable management and tracking of temporary materials ultimately becomes an afterthought while remaining a thorn in your side. We struggled with this and developed a way to effortlessly manage your consumable and temporary materials and inventory and shed some light onto how many of these items are available, where they are, where they are used most and when they need to be replenished.

With Tenna’s construction consumables inventory functionality, you can update and manage quantities for consumable construction materials, temporary materials, small tools and inventory in the shop or the field and manage your construction inventory efficiently with the rest of your assets on One Platform.

Construction Consumables like Steel Frames with Tenna Construction Material Management Platform Screenshot
Closeup of Orange Construction Consumables and Construction Small Tools and Consumables
Know More

Always know your total quantity amounts for accurate availability and visibility into when items need to be restocked.

Control More

Improve accountability and save time for personnel that use or handle consumable assets.

Make More

Avoid unnecessary purchases and gain efficiencies in the field, warehouse and shop.

How it Works

You can manage current quantities and consumption history easily from the shop, warehouse or field. Enhanced reporting lets you see the distribution of your consumable asset inventory across projects, yards or offices and see total inventory levels for your consumables across your company by project site or SKU.

Closeup of Yellow Construction Consumables and Construction Small Tools and Consumables
Add Assets

Create consumable assets by SKU, unit (boxes, bags, ea., etc.) and unit price to track quantity updates.

Asset Details

Track quantity adjustments and transfer activity between locations over time for a record of replenished vs. consumed items.


Scan assets with QR codes using the Tenna App scanner to add, subtract and update quantities on the go.


Run reports on total quantities consumed by SKU, total inventory quantities consumed by site, and total transaction by site for total visibility into how your consumable construction materials and supplies are used across operations.


Managing your inventory with Tenna’s Consumables functionality brings the following benefits to your processes and operations:

Mockup of the Tenna Consumables one pager

Consumables (Product Download)

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