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Tenna supports a complete range of tracking technologies and networks for all your industrial assets, no matter the type, to meet your unique use-case. Our tracking technologies enable a myriad of asset intelligence solutions by relaying data from your assets directly to you in real-time on the Tenna Platform. This helps you manage your assets all in one place and make smart and informed business decisions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or IoT is the network of physical devices coupled with sensors that collect data and connectivity that allows them to exchange information.

Wireless Networks

Networks Overview

Tenna supports a variety of wireless network technologies that optimize coverage, cost, and reliability for specific tracking needs. This includes 3G & 4G cellular technologies, including solutions specialized for tracker devices.


LTE-M is a 4G cellular wireless technology that gives the speed and coverage needed for tracking applications and is optimized for long battery life and low cost. LTE Cat M1 and LTE NB-IoT technologies get tracking data to the asset database reliably and inexpensively.

Tracker Technology


Global Positioning System (GPS) technology uses military maintained satellites to provide precise location data. GPS works almost everywhere outdoors to anywhere on the map, making it ideal for tracking fleets and vehicles and heavy equipment on the road.


Vehicle telematics transmit valuable automobile data such as engine fault codes, sensor status information, and engine hours in addition to speed and location information. This detailed vehicle information indicates when preventative maintenance is needed in addition to real-time asset performance.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons leverage widespread mobile phone Bluetooth technology optimized for range and long life. BLE beacons transmit location signals read by the Tenna app on a smartphone or a TennaONE Cellular Tracker in BLE Hub Mode.

QR Code

QR codes can be quickly read from any angle and can carry a wide variety of information. They can be placed on nearly anything and are scanned with a specialized reader or mobile phone application.

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