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Tenna Customer Story

The Rundown on Onyx Paving

Onyx Paving has been an asphalt paving and concrete contractor in southern California since 1990. Onyx handles new paving and concrete projects of all sizes, as well as the repairs and maintenance of existing asphalt pavement. Onyx has both public and private works divisions that specialize in municipal, commercial, and residential projects.


Anaheim, CA

Construction Type

Municipal, Commercial, Residential

Fleet Size

120 Assets

Use Cases

Paving and Concrete Projects of All Sizes

The Challenge

Onyx’s fleet moves a lot. A single machine can see three to four different job sites in a single week.

“It was just done on a spreadsheet, but it’s very difficult to track equipment through spreadsheets,” said Equipment Manager Rudy Arvizu. “One driver could grab a skip loader on one site, thinking that’s the machine he’s supposed to take instead of the other one. So things are very easily lost within a work week.”

Pain Points

  • Misplaced and hard-to-track equipment with frequent site moves
  • Difficult to schedule and track maintenance

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Onyx Paving had to say about Tenna:

Recovering Missing Assets

With the help of Tenna, Onyx was able to recover 2 stolen trucks, valuing $160,000, within a matter of hours.

“On October 1, 2023, our yard was broken into by two thieves who seemed like they were very professional. They combed our yard. They [stole] two different trucks, and they were able to pull out of the yard by 5:30 in the morning.

Around 5:00 Monday morning when the crews were on site, they noticed
that something was wrong. When we looked on GPS, we saw that the trucks were no longer in our yard. They were in a neighboring city called Colton.

We dispatched the police department right away. We filed our police report. And our mechanics actually went out there and got eyes on both vehicles.

Because of GPS and Tenna, we were able to get them recovered. One of
the trucks is valued at around $90,000, and the other one is around $70,000. We had got them back, and by the next day they were back on the road.

Tenna worked perfectly. We couldn’t ask for a better turnout for us.”

Saving Time & Money

“It’s one thing to see [equipment] on the map. But some of our jobs could be five miles long, and you have people driving around looking for a machine. That’s time. That’s money. To be able to tell it’s on this street, at this address, that can save you an hour of drive time.”

Advice from Onyx Paving

“Tenna is a great GPS platform that not only works for tracking your equipment, but also maintenance and service on the equipment. To me, it’s the total package when it comes to equipment management and managing a good sized fleet.”

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