Northern Construction

Customer Story

Northern Construction is a general contractor based in Massachusetts.

Business Need

Northern started searching for an equipment management solution because they wanted to better utilize their equipment. They sought to track the hours, location, and usage of their fleet across multiple projects. Before Tenna, Northern used white boards and a self-reporting system which did not provide accurate equipment location and usage information.

How Tenna Helped

After implementing Tenna, Northern gained visibility of their fleet and improves communication in the field. 

[What] I like best about Tenna is that everything is in one location…I can look and see what requests have been put in from the field…One of the best features I like is when work orders are created, it gets emailed to all the mechanics so everybody knows what needs to be done. So, if they're one site away from that location when there's an issue…they can take care of it right away in one spot, that day.

Northern Construction Equipment Yard with a TennaBLE Steel Puck tracking a bucket

Northern improved equipment utilization with Tenna’s utilization reports.

The most valuable feature is the utilization reports. We can see where our equipment is at all times, [and] how much is being used. We can transfer equipment by looking just at that report. If a certain site isn't using a piece of equipment and another site is in need of that equipment, we know which site to take it from.

We, for the longest time, went by our superintendent reports…so we're saving the life of the equipment, and we're also rotating equipment so we're not having certain equipment get a lot of hours versus the newer stuff not getting any hours.

Northern Construction employee doing maintenance on a piece of equipment

With Tenna, Northern achieves transportation cost efficiencies.

We've seen a lot of cost efficiencies with using Tenna with our transportation, our trucking costs. We're not moving equipment unnecessarily to different locations…everything is in the Tenna platform where a site can request a piece of equipment, and then we move it.


Northern Construction Knows More with equipment utilization reports, Controls More with their assets on Tenna’s single platform, and Makes More by operating more cost efficiently. 

Tenna has been an asset to our business. They have simplified all of our reports, all of our equipment reporting, all of our tracking, everything is in one platform so that we're not using multiple platforms…to track our equipment.

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