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Tenna Customer Story

The Rundown on D. Guerra Construction

Servicing Austin and San Antonio, Texas since 2012, D. Guerra Construction is a civil contractor focusing on utility construction, including water and sewer lines. Full mechanic shop and a fleet of over 300 assets including heavy and light trucks, heavy equipment, trailers, attachments and small tools.

The Challenge

D. Guerra sought to streamline their process of using Excel sheets and manual list to manage their assets, reduce the amount of phone calls needed to find their assets, and replace their previous GPS fleet tracking system (which did not offer notifications or reliable equipment tracking) with a system that could track all the assets in their fleet together.

The field team needed to know where their trucks and machines were across their locations and projects, increase accountability and reduce theft. The shop manager needed a way to keep up with service and maintenance. The office staff sought to match and reconcile field purchase orders with accounting.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Karlo C., Fleet Technology Analyst, had to say about Tenna:

Theft Protection

“There’s been a lot less theft now with Tenna than before. Now we’re not missing many things.”

Overall Visibility

“With [Tenna] it sends me a notification… Before it was guessing, or we would forget…these notifications are helping so much on our part. It helps with what we’ve been doing with purchases… it helps in the main office also to track what we’re doing.”

Efficiencies in Operations

“In the field, we can plan ahead and have everything there by the date the project manager needs that stuff there. I use Tenna all day long. Get on the platform, check my dashboard, see what’s offline, any requests on the trucks, I send it off to [the dispatcher], [he] will get on it with the mechanics, and we get everything going.”

Centralized Data

After teaming with Tenna in May of 2020, D. Guerra installed GPS trackers on their engine operated assets and QR tags on their tools to keep track of location, history and assignees. They utilized the maintenance feature to set preventive maintenance recurrences with automated alerts and implemented DVIR and equipment inspections for fleet drivers and operators.

Tenna helped with improved visibility across crews and office staff, and with communication company-wide with live view, asset documents and service records.

“Our main [pain point] is finding the things…Instead of calling around, I can look real quick in the computer and it tells me who had it…it’s a lot easier to find stuff…For location, it’s helping us pinpoint exactly where the crews are working at. That’s for the crew part on the light trucks. On the heavy trucks, for us, it’s what the truck is doing. So, we know it’s sitting there, and the truck is just idling there, is it taking the right route it’s supposed to…”

Better Communication From the Field to the Office

Between the field and the office: “It’s helping a lot, especially with purchase orders.”

In the shop: “I put [the PDF files] in Tenna already so even the mechanics can look up the asset…they pull it up on their phone and it shows them right there.”

In the field: “The foremen to the project managers, they want to see sometimes what their stuff is doing so the Live View helps a lot.”

The Results

D. Guerra Knows More with better visibility of location and maintenance needs, Controls More with better data sharing and communication across teams and Makes More by optimizing time and making better decisions.

Prevented $20,000 in Repair Costs

Prevented repair costs by keeping up with preventative maintenance and avoiding unnecessary fixes.

Recovered a $40,000 Water Truck

Recovered a truck that was stolen, preventing a re-purchase.

Reduced Idling

Saved on additional fuel costs caused by excessive idling.

Advice from D. Guerra Construction

“The value is the maintenance… inspections… safety and DVIRs have been helping a lot [too]…especially on the maintenance side, it’s helping us because they’re recording whatever’s wrong with the vehicle.”

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