GPS Tracking Built for Construction

You Need a GPS Solution That Leverages Telematic Data, That’s Why You’re Here, but Why Tenna?

Meet the first construction-specific solution for GPS tracking. We know other providers offer construction solutions, but at Tenna, that’s all we do. We’re built from construction for construction. That means we know the unique challenges you face every day to keep your fleet in working order, on the right job site and turning a profit.

GPS Tracking Solutions

We’ve built a better way to track and manage your mixed asset fleet using real-time telematic data providing 100% visibility into your asset information when you need it most – no matter your location. One platform provides actionable data into your mixed asset fleet. Whether you’re protecting your assets from theft, tracking billable hours or scheduling needed maintenance, Tenna GPS tracking devices allow you to monitor your construction vehicles and equipment live, giving you peace of mind that your assets are accounted for, where they should be, and used efficiently. This means you can easily manage your construction fleet with accurate and precise location data so that projects get done right and on time.

Meet the Tenna lineup of GPS asset trackers to manage your entire mixed fleet – including vehicles, equipment & attachments – in one platform.

Whether You’re Looking to Track Fleet Vehicles and Trucks or Heavy-Duty Equipment – We’ve Got You Covered.

Check out some of the ways Tenna GPS tracking devices can improve everyday project tasks and solve everyday challenges.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Asset Utilization
  • Preventative Maintenance & Scheduling
  • Increased Safety and Compliance
  • Theft Prevention

Ultimately, GPS Trackers Should Make Your Job Easier, Safer and More Profitable.

Check out a few of the ways Tenna GPS tracking devices help you get the job done without wasting time, resources or energy.

Turn data into business intelligence. Plug into any vehicle’s OBD II or JBUS interface that receives GPS satellite data to transmit your data directly into the Tenna platform like engine hours, DTCs and vehicle speeds.

Automate compliance regulations like ELD and IFTA. Easily monitor miles driven, where and when for full IFTA compliant with reports generated from your data. Remove the busy work from IFTA compliance with reports by jurisdiction, vehicle, or fuel type.

Combine Tenna data with an ELD (electronic logging device) to stay on top of your hours-of-service data. Because Tenna monitors where, when and how often your drivers operated a vehicle, keeping accurate track of hours of service is no longer an extra headache for employees.

Tenna’s GPS notifications and GPS tracking geofencing alert you to potential theft. Get notifications and alerts to make quick decisions and stay up to date on asset moves in the field.

Avoid multiple calls to find out where an asset is to save valuable time and money. Tenna’s platform also enables you to figure out where an asset is – never an easy task if you’re managing multiple job sites.

Turn GPS information into savings and earnings. See what assets are being utilized most and where. Get a bird’s eye view of all your assets associated within a site.

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