Unified Equipment Management Platform for Mixed Fleets

Learn how Tenna can help you find more, and get more value from your assets, equipment and inventory. Our experts will demonstrate over a live video link, so you can ask questions and see Tenna live.

Built on Over 100 Years of Construction Experience

We experienced your challenges firsthand which is why we built Tenna. We use our extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the construction industry as the foundation for our platform. We’ve been where you are and understand that knowledge is power. Actionable data, location and reporting will give you a competitive edge.

Comprehensive, Reliable Equipment Tracking

We use state-of-the-art integrated GPS tracking, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies to ensure that your entire mixed fleet is accounted for – not just your trucks and heavy iron. Not all technologies are created equal and we recognize that. We customize our tracking technologies to fit your unique situation.

See Tenna in Action

"To me that is the most valuable thing: having a one-stop shop for where is all my equipment... Our mechanics, superintendents and owners see the value in the product for our visibility."
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Pat L’Heureux
Project Manager