Equipment Utilization Tracking

Understand your Equipment Utilization

One key to effective equipment management is knowing the utilization of your machines. We understand the importance of these metrics and built an equipment management system to solve for this use case using advanced hardware that pulls telematics data from your assets’ engines to help you understand the utilization of your machines and vehicles over time on one platform.

Tenna’s Asset and Project Utilization functionalities are designed to allow you to collect accurate and reliable utilization data from your assets and monitor your equipment utilization and trends over time by measuring how often your assets are working (or not working) and determining their economic efficiency and value to your business.

Road Roller Onsite with Screenshot of Asset and Project Utilization

How It Works

Tenna allows contractors to customize thresholds settings so you can see when your assets are underutilized based on metrics that are specific to the size of your fleet and your current workload to solve this use case uniquely for your business.


Define your utilization benchmarks and customize thresholds to easily visualize which assets are underutilized or operating efficiently.

Integrated Tracking Hardware

Hardwire your trackers into your engine operated assets to monitor run time in the form of hours or miles.

Equipment Utilization Monitoring

Monitor individual asset utilization and collective project utilization to see which asset types are being under or overutilized and shed light on jobsite activity.


Quickly look up and extract data on your performance and records to capture relevant utilization data. Sort and filter to view utilization for specific equipment category types or models.

Tracker Management

Monitor your trackers and see their current status to maintain tracker health and connection so accurate utilization data continues to flow to the platform uninterrupted.


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Tenna Asset Tracking (Product Download)

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