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Sunil is a Technical Product Manager at Tenna dedicated to driving positive change in the construction industry. As one of the first engineers at Tenna, he witnessed the challenges faced by construction professionals, fueling his passion to develop innovative solutions. Leveraging his technical expertise, Sunil tailors Tenna’s offerings to address industry needs, empowering construction companies to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Through active engagement with the construction community and a focus on staying at the forefront of innovation, Sunil is committed to making a lasting impact and helping construction professionals succeed in a dynamic landscape.

Sunil is a Technical Product Manager at Tenna

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  • CAN bus, JBUS, and OBD: What to Know for Construction Fleet Management
    The world of construction technology is filled with acronyms: IoT, MRO, ERP, ELD, RFID, BLE, and the list goes on. But three specific acronyms make a world of difference when figuring out the type of data that can be extracted from vehicles and equipment—OBD, JBUS, and CAN bus. Let’s walk through what makes them different […]

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