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Do your assets ever seem to “walk off” your project sites? Do you wish you could be notified when your assets are moving during off-hours? Do you need a way to see all your mixed assets located on a specific site in one view?

We felt the need for this visibility on our jobsites, so we understand what you are looking for and deliver it to you across your sites on Tenna. With our geofence tool, you can create boundaries and zones around select areas of your projects, yards and offices to monitor where your equipment assets are for better construction equipment management on One Platform.

How It Works

Visualize your Entire Site

  • A geofence is a virtual boundary around a defined area on a map.
  • Draw precise borders around your projects, yards and offices and see your sites across the country by their geofence representation. Show or hide geofences with advanced map functionality and see and filter all assets by category type within.
  • Automate the transfer of assets between sites as they enter new geofences.


  • Reduce theft by alerting you when an asset exits a geofence during off-shift hours.
  • Customize your geofence alerts by configuring them for entry and exit events for specific asset category types, specific days and times, and to be received by specific people.


  • See and report on which assets are transferred to and from your sites and when.
  • Monitor when assets exit and enter individual geofence boundaries, zones and fences.
  • Control when assets are billed to a site based on geofence configurations.


Geofences around your sites and organized zones within them bring you the following benefits:
  • Increased visibility
  • Cost savings
  • Improved equipment management
  • Reduced theft
  • Increased efficiencies
  • More accurate job costing
  • Improved communication
  • Improved record keeping

Tenna Geofences (Product Download)

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