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TENNA Delivers its Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) System on Apple iOS Platform That Keeps Fleets Safe, Operational and Compliant

Enhancing Productivity and Cutting Operational Costs with a Digital Monitoring and Reporting System.

Edison, NJ—August 28, 2018–TENNA, the technology company that empowers companies to find more value across their inventory of equipment, vehicles and physical assets, today announced it has launched its new Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) solution for  Apple iOS platform.  Now available for millions of commercial vehicle drivers, Tenna’s solution eliminates the daily manual chore of filling in DVIR forms by hand as part of pre- or post-trip inspection requirements mandated for compliance by the Federal government.

A DVIR needs to be completed by drivers for any commercial vehicle they operate, as specified by Federal Law.

“Digitizing this antiquated manual system, used by millions of commercial fleet companies, empowers drivers to perform their responsibilities more efficiently while reducing the time and effort required to complete these daily routine monitoring tasks,” said Austin Conti, CEO and Founder of Tenna.

DVIRs, commonly included in effective asset management programs, are supported by the latest IoT technology used to optimize vehicle performance with digital maintenance reports. Drivers can complete and submit daily DVIRs via their smartphone. The app electronically details pre-trip and post-trip inspections, sends reports directly to fleet managers and stores reports for audits and record keeping. As mandated logs from the Department of Transportation (DOT), DVIRs are important for companies to identify vehicle operation and safety issues in real time. Now they can be submitted digitally and therefore faster, without wasting paper.

DVIRs are completed using Tenna’s mobile app which scans a series of QR codes associated to the vehicle and linked to the users’ database on Tenna’s system. The report fields include mandatory inspection areas that force drivers to physically inspect the vehicle and generate a thorough and accurate report using QR codes placed around the vehicle, rather than using a paper form that could be lost or lack enough detail to count as a complete record.

Non-commercial vehicles that are not regularly inspected by the DOT can apply Tenna’s DVIR system as well. While these vehicles may not require regular inspection reports by law, owners can benefit from the inspection results to optimize their vehicle health, reduce insurance premiums, reduce accidents or breakdowns caused by unsafe vehicle conditions, and improve safe operations for their drivers. These benefits have positive long-term cost and productivity impacts.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Implementation of a digital DVIR solution for commercial vehicle operators is a long overdue and much needed necessity. Advantages of Tenna’s solution include:

  • Faster inspections –Digitize quicker, eliminating the manual process of completing forms on paper and the risk of losing or damaging a hard copy record. No special hardware or inspection tools are required; drivers simply install the app on their mobile device and complete the electronic form. QR codes are scanned for the visual inspection, and the report signed off with a digital signature.
  • Better accuracy – Both drivers and back-office teams need to be able to read the DVIR; drivers to complete and sign off on the last report and back office to review, pass on to maintenance when necessary and file. Digital reports minimize errors that occur with handwritten reports and manual filing and decrease the risks of incomplete reports with missing information.
  • Easier reporting – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that at least three months of DVIRs be available on request for reviews and audits. With the FMCSA putting more effort into reviewing safety related issues, all fleets should be well-prepared for a review with complete digital records that are easily accessible.
  • Quicker turnaround on repairs – Defect reports are instantly routed to the service department for attention and repair. This is imperative for safety-related faults to minimize downtime. It’s not just about replacing one system with another – it’s about taking advantage of recent technology advancements to stay competitive and keep drivers safe in a rapidly changing industry. The DVIR system also helps with process and visibility.

Tenna’s DVIR system was recently released on the Android platform and is now available in the Apple stores and online. The DVIR module is offered as a premium fleet tracking functionality on an annual subscription basis. Interested parties may visit Tenna’s website, email [email protected] or call (833) 50-TENNA.

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