QR Code Asset Tracking Software

QR Codes for Construction Equipment Tracking

QR codes for asset tracking come in different sizes to fit any tracking need ranging from handheld tools to large heavy iron. For the extra ruggedness needed in construction environments, QR codes can be manufactured with a variety of materials – from sturdy aluminum to durable stickers tested to withstand harsh environments. Aluminum tags can be screwed, bolted, tied or glued to the asset, lasting for many years and under extreme conditions. Durable stickers are weatherproof and versatile, easily affixing to many surfaces.

QR codes can be used on any asset type, indoors or out.

TennaQR Tag to track construction consumables and small tools

Small & Mid-Sized Assets

Their low cost and variety of sizes make QR codes ideal for small tools and equipment.

Sites & Yards

They are handy for manually tracking items or inventory around a specific site or job yard.

What is a QR Code?

Quick Response (or QR) is a two-dimensional bar code technology that is widely used throughout manufacturing and mobile applications. QR codes can be quickly read from any angle and carry a wide variety of information. They can be placed on nearly anything and are scanned with a specialized reader or mobile phone application from several inches away. QR technology is a useful tracking application for a variety of mixed assets in conjunction with QR code asset tracking software. It is an easy, low-cost solution that serves multiple use cases.

How are QR Codes Read?

QR codes can be read with the camera on any mobile device. The camera quickly recognizes the QR code, decodes the information it contains and provides the information through a link. The same principle is used via equipment management apps like Tenna’s. The QR code asset tag is scanned within the app, the information is decoded and relayed to the QR code asset tracking software where the scan history is located. The scan history combined with its location information and any other details are then available to the person scanning the code.

QR Technology used to track construction tools

Benefits of QR Code Asset Tracking Software

QR code equipment tracking is a solution that yields big benefits in the field for reducing rework, improving communications and accountability, and saving time.

Rugged. QR code asset tags and labels can withstand harsh and extreme conditions.

Quick Setup. Simply drill or glue down a tag or peel and stick a label to your asset.
Works Anywhere. QR codes are well suited for indoor or outdoor use across a mixed variety of assets.
Easy to Use. All newer smartphone cameras can ready these codes from several inches away.

Tenna’s QR Code Asset Tracking Device Software Overview

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