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Do you struggle with resource allocation across multiple site locations? With Tenna’s equipment tracking solution, each project’s equipment needs and reservations are visible to everyone. Field personnel use Reserve It to identify assets they need on their projects, make requests and reservations and coordinate moving equipment and materials between locations.

Reserve It enables efficient communication and coordination between jobsites and the Equipment Manager to share resources. Reserve It requests made by Superintendents and Project Engineers help eliminate the distractions, procrastination or forgetfulness of taking manual notes and causing a delayed response to fulfilling needs.

Moving Materials through Reserve It
Premium Feature

Reserve It is a premium addition to Tenna’s core platform made up of the Assets, Sites, Utilization, Reports and Answers features. This optional functionality is valuable for improving communication between your field and shop teams, efficiently scheduling asset trades between jobsites and ensuring resources get to the teams who need them at the right times. If Reservations and Scheduling are not a use case for your business, then you don’t need to pay for it when implementing Tenna.

Know More

Centralize and organize requests to reserve assets from the field straight from your mobile device.

Know what resources are supporting which operations, when assets are needed by multiple projects, what each asset’s schedule is and what can be made available for other needs.

Control More

Maintain schedule and productivity with the right assets for the job while efficiently facilitating asset trades between jobsites.

Handle reservation conflicts or disputes over the same asset from different projects.

Make More

Make better own/move vs. buy or rent decisions based on real project needs and which assets are being requested more frequently than others.

Reduce unnecessary rental costs by better utilizing what you know you have available.

Excavator and Bulldozer that were allocated with Reserve It

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Sharing resources with Tenna’s Reserve It feature brings the following benefits to your field team’s processes, operations and organization:

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