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As Chief Business Development Officer for Tenna, Russ oversees the growth strategy for the organization by working with sales, partners and customers to ensure success. Russ brings two and a half decades of experience from Google, Amazon, Oracle and FMI in best practices for technology strategy, selection and adoption. He applies his knowledge from these organizations to build awareness and provide thought leadership to the construction industry. He emphasizes the importance of technology and picking the right tool for the job.

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  • The Time is Now to Implement a Mobile Strategy in Construction
    Many companies in the construction industry are trying to decide if they should continue with their paper-driven processes for managing their information or switch to using mobile devices in the field to digitize their information. While it might be tempting to wait to implement a mobile strategy, strong evidence is showing that construction companies that […]
  • March Madness Recap
    The Tenna team is returning home and winding down after the Tenna March Madness event marathon with lots of takeaways to share! Having attended four national association conferences, a user conference and multiple local association chapter events, Tenna attended 20 total industry events this month with association and integration partners. Let’s get straight into the […]
  • How Technologies Help Overcome Labor Shortages in Construction
    According to a Q3 2021 U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, the construction industry faces a worsening labor shortage. An estimated 55% of contractors are experiencing difficulty finding skilled workers. The industry is almost unanimous on forecasting; 93% of contractors believe labor shortage in construction will continue or worsen far into 2022.

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