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As Co-Founder and Vice President of Product, Jose applies his first-hand construction experience and knowledge to deliver innovative platform solutions to a growing number of companies. His involvement in both architecting construction-specific solutions and delivering them enables him to cross over functional roles.

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  • Tenna’s Latest Premium Reports Provide Unmatched Asset Visibility
    Imagine you have a fleet of dump trucks making daily runs from a borrow pit to a job site. On a good day, those trucks may be running 75 miles a day. But, over the course of a project, fuel costs start to creep up and productivity starts to dip. And you are tasked with […]
  • Tenna’s Latest Products Make It Easier to Manage Construction Assets
    As a leading provider of construction asset management technology, Tenna takes pride in cycles of constant innovation. The newest releases from Tenna make equipment management even more productive by enhancing the amount and quality of data that can be obtained from assets and making inspections even more meaningful and actionable. 
  • Why Tracking External PTO Might Be a Game Changer for Your Fleet
    At one time, the epitome of using technology to manage fleets meant GPS (Global Positioning Systems) location data—where is my stuff? But as vehicles and equipment get more complex and computer-reliant, the technology behind fleet management has also grown to make it possible to find out so much more than where assets are. Fleet managers […]

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