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Jhan has been helping construction companies adopt Tenna technology for 5+ years. As Lead Customer Success Manager, holding a degree in supply chain management, Jhan looks at ways to help contractors improve their standard of operations for a successful Tenna rollout. He focuses on helping companies streamline and improve processes to enhance profit and productivity.

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  • The Complete Guide to Construction Equipment Management Software
    Strong equipment management software can transform a construction business. However, good construction equipment management is difficult to support and requires careful planning and execution.
  • Driver Safety: A Holistic Approach
    Ideal driver safety requires attention to every element of vehicle operation. A good driver management system calls for a wide-angle view, ensuring visibility into all components of vehicle fleet operation and maintenance. 
  • Reduce Loss with Construction Site Theft Prevention
    Construction site theft prevention is one of the most prominent concerns for construction companies and contractors. According to a report published by National Equipment Register (NER), construction sites bear annual losses of up to $1 billion due to equipment theft. In the Pikes Peak region in Colorado alone, construction equipment theft cost businesses over $1 […]

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