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As the Hardware Engineering Manager, Frank works tirelessly to build Tenna’s tracker ecosystem. Leveraging contacts across industry, and vast experience in the electronics industry, Frank brings new ideas, opportunities, and capabilities to Tenna’s growing list of asset trackers, and works with Tenna’s customer success personnel to bring that value to customers. Frank has worked in a variety of technical settings in his 35+ years in electronics. Frank is a published Scientist, with 5 peer reviewed publications ranging from IoT Smart City innovation to tagging & tracking individual cells using IC chips. Frank holds 10 patents spanning a range of products and technologies, most of which resulted in profitable mass market products.

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  • What is a Construction Telematics System?
    Construction telematics applies the same principles to construction equipment that are commonly known for vehicle fleet management, which use IoT Technology via GPS and CAN bus enabled cellular asset trackers to send data that includes location, speed, engine diagnostics and other vital asset health data read through the vehicle’s computer.
  • The Truth About CAN bus: What It Is, What It Can and Can’t Do - Tenna
    “A Controller Area Network is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other's applications without a host computer.” If you Google “CAN bus,” that’s the answer you’ll get from Wikipedia. All clear? We didn’t think so either. But CAN bus is also essential to the daily functionality […]
  • What Makes a Tracker Rugged?
    We get asked for a “rugged tracker” a lot. Understandably so, given our customers are contractors and the construction environment is rough.

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