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Whether it’s building bridges and highways, drilling for oil and gas, or managing waste and the natural environment, your industry is capital intensive. You rely on your equipment and materials to get the job done.

Tenna’s IoT (Internet of Things) asset management solution is used by companies across a variety of industries for asset inventory management to keep tools, materials and fleets ready for work. Find more efficiency and opportunity with Tenna equipment tracking and asset management software.


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From power tools to attachments and heavy equipment, assets let your crews get things done. Equipment constantly moves from yard to site to shop, but you need it ready, maintained and in the right place to keep your projects on track — construction equipment management is a complex job.

Tenna’s comprehensive asset tracking system (including QR code equipment tracking, RFID inventory trackers and GPS equipment trackers) can monitor all your tools and equipment on Tenna’s integrated asset tracking system. You can find more peace of mind.

Oil & Gas

In the drilling business, downtime is costly. Every day a rig isn’t operating costs you thousands. To keep your rigs running, you need back-up spares, accurate maintenance records and real-time equipment tracking of the location and condition of every piece of equipment and machinery.

Tenna’s asset software and inventory tracker system helps you find more uptime, giving your teams in drilling operations and in the office full visibility and control.

Waste Management

Your business is about equipment, service and accuracy. Whether you’re delivering or collecting containers and bins, or servicing portable toilets, you need the job done right. Every unit needs to be tracked and serviced on time, because your business — and your customers — depend on it.

With QR code inventory tracking, RFID tracking and GPS asset trackers, Tenna is the accurate and affordable asset management tracking system for tracking each item and instantly recording every transaction. Manage routes and communicate with customers more efficiently using Tenna’s cloud-based asset software.

Industrial Businesses

Every industrial operation depends on valuable capital assets including equipment, tools and vehicles. Keeping your plant or operation running requires real-time insights about your equipment’s activity and performance.

Tenna is the one fixed asset management system that collects, manages and displays all your asset information on one asset tracking platform. You don’t need other asset tracking systems because we offer a range of asset tracking devices including RFID tracking, QR code equipment tracking and even GPS. With Tenna, you can find more visibility and efficiency to better manage your business operations.




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