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Know What’s Working

At any given time, your project sites and storage yard can hold equipment worth millions of dollars.

You depend on that equipment for your livelihood, and when equipment constantly moves in and out, comprehensive equipment tracking is essential.

Tenna’s site asset tracking solutions can track your equipment, vehicles and tools as they enter or leave, so you can find more peace of mind with your valuable inventory.

How Tenna Works

We deploy technologies at your sites and on your assets for a dedicated, site-wide tracking network. Together, devices watch and report on your assets as they travel into or out of your yard or sites.

  • Our durable QR code equipment tracking tags are available in different sizes. Your employees simply scan the tags using the Tenna equipment tracking app on a smartphone or tablet, and asset information is automatically uploaded to the Tenna database.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) trackers use GPS asset tracking technology to capture critical data in real time and automatically store it in your Tenna asset tracking system.

  • Tenna’s Cellular GPS tracking system uses cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone or tablet — to locate and track assets.

Watch Every Asset

Let technology help eliminate human intervention or human error by capturing your important data automatically. Instead of your crew manually checking-out and checking-in the equipment, Tenna’s asset tracking platform can do it for you.

With Tenna, you can find more accuracy and real-time insights, to better manage your operation.

What You Can Do

Tenna enables you to find more.

Real-Time Updates

Tenna records your assets’ location and easily captures other information such as the condition, hours, needed service or preventative maintenance. Tenna enables you to keep control all of your important mid-sized assets to find more efficiency in your organization.

One Complete Platform

Details about equipment and machinery are available 24/7 via the Tenna equipment tracking app. Your entire team, in the field or the office, can now access all your asset tracking information at any time from one consolidated asset management solution.


Find More Control

Tenna tracks everything — small tools, mid-sized assets, even heavy equipment and fleet vehicles — on one equipment inventory management system so your business can work better, smarter and faster. Find more time and money by eliminating redundant asset tracking systems.

Find Your ROI

Simply input the assets you want to track and we will calculate your return on investment so that you can see how tracking and managing your assets with Tenna can help you within the first year.

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