Wasting time on equipment breakdowns?

Construction businesses rely heavily on their physical assets to complete their routine operations. It is critical that your equipment fleet remains in good working condition for safe and optimal performance since your assets are required to build your projects. Non-working assets and extended downtime are extremely disruptive to productivity and budget.

Tenna makes it easier for you to manage preventive maintenance, reduce downtime and prolong your assets’ lifespans. Field personnel can schedule maintenance or repairs directly with mechanics when required, report damage from the field, and capture repair documentation to help resell an asset in the future. Mechanics and shop personnel receive more detailed maintenance and repair data and benefit from more predictable days, while project teams benefit from increased uptime in the field, and owners benefit with a higher ROI.

Maintenance is a premium addition to Tenna’s core platform made up of the Assets, Sites, Utilization, Reports and Answers features. This optional functionality is valuable for improving communication between your field and shop teams, keeping equipment in safe and optimal working condition and expediting repair needs. If Maintenance is not a use case for your business, then you don’t need to pay for it when implementing Tenna.

Know More

Be notified when routine maintenance is required, or repairs are needed.

Maintain visibility over asset status, condition and upcoming service requirements to address issues before they become urgent.

Know what percentages of R&M costs is spent on repairs, preventive maintenance or conditional maintenance.

Control More

Identify performance issues or flags before they impact productivity or safety.

Schedule maintenance in advance to control and optimize resources, reduce downtime and decrease impacts to projects.

Make informed decisions to control operating costs.

Make More

Understand maintenance activity to make key decisions on when to replace an asset.

Protect the capital investments of your assets and increase the value during resale.

Spend responsibly on preventive maintenance to reduce costs on reactive maintenance.

How It Works


  • Submit maintenance requests directly from the field and schedule preventive maintenance services in the shop.
  • Create custom triggers to automate alerts when maintenance events are upcoming.
  • Optimize and coordinate schedules to perform maintenance around project reservations to reduce impact to operations.

Manage Services

  • Capture repair needs with photos and detail.
  • Manage services for individual assets via work orders.
  • Document parts and labor associated with each maintenance event for efficient billing and cost control.

Repair Documentation and Reporting

  • Document upcoming service needs at the asset level for visibility and awareness.
  • Document and report on repairs and services performed for efficient record keeping and added value and during resale.
  • Analyze all assets with upcoming maintenance or repair needs.


Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna’s Maintenance feature brings the following benefits to your field team’s processes, operations and organization: 

  • Increased project productivity with fewer resource delays
  • Increased asset uptime and lifespan
  • Improved asset performance and utilization
  • Improved schedule efficiencies
  • Improved response times to repair requests
  • Reduced emergency or unplanned maintenance issues and risks of breakdown
  • Reduced energy usage, operating costs and emergency repairs expenses
  • Reduced mechanic labor costs
  • Increased visibility and communication from the shop to the field
  • Increased ROI on owned assets
  • Improved safety
  • Improved record keeping and documentation

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