Midsized Equipment Tracking

Valuable Equipment Tracking On The Go

Every day, your crews use valuable equipment — light towers, generators, pumps and more — that are important for your projects and costly to replace. When these assets are lost, late or damaged, your projects get delayed and you are forced to invest in replacements and lose valuable time.

Our solution helps you monitor your important mid-sized equipment and your entire mixed asset suite.

How It Works

Tenna’s equipment tracking devices coupled with our powerful asset management app lets you find more insight and efficiency from your equipment.

Install our GPS or Bluetooth units on machinery that gets spread out and easily misplaced. Use battery- powered units on assets that don’t have their own power sources for automated tracking.

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midsized light tower
midsized water pump

Beyond Tracking Midsized Equipment

Tenna hardware collects the data you need for tracking as well as managing your mixed equipment fleet. View these videos to learn more.


Tracking Arrow Boards


Tracking Generators


Tracking Flatbed Trailers

bluetooth low energy devices

Tenna trackers connect to our cloud-based platform for one integrated asset tracking system. The app works in the field with your crews’ smart devices.

You get consolidated data on your mid-sized equipment so you can find more productivity.

The Right Tracking Device

Tenna provides a range of asset tracking devices and equipment tracking solutions for any of your mid-sized assets.

Our GPS trackers, cellular trackers, or Bluetooth asset trackers communicate autonomously to our asset management software. Choose models with extra long-life batteries or those powered by the sun or your equipment.

With our cloud-based asset software, you can store unlimited photos, add assignees, and even find where your equipment is on a satellite map.


Quickly Manage Assets

We record your mixed assets’ location and capture other vital information such as the condition, needed service or preventative maintenance. This enables you to control all your important assets no matter where you or they are located.

Easily Share Information

Details about equipment and machinery are available 24/7 via the Tenna App. Your entire team, in the field, the shop or the office, will be able to access everything from a single location. No more yard hunts, missed calls, or delays. You gain full visibility across your entire equipment fleet.

Find More with One Platform

Tenna tracks everything — small tools, mid-sized assets, even heavy equipment and fleet vehicles — on one equipment inventory management system so your business can work better, smarter and faster. Find more time and money by eliminating redundant asset tracking systems.

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