The Core of Construction: Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Your capital-intensive heavy equipment is at the core of your operations. Bulldozers, graders, cranes and loaders are critical to getting jobs completed and monitoring their hours, assignments, location and maintenance is essential for keeping your projects moving.

Our GPS heavy equipment tracking hardware captures all the information you need to know about your heavy equipment, stores it in the Cloud and interprets it for you on One Platform, giving  you visibility across your entire mixed fleet in a central location.

How Heavy Equipment Tracking Works

We use cellular and GPS technology to track your heavy equipment so you have complete visibility over your many widespread assets. Be alerted as construction equipment enters or leaves a site, when machinery needs maintenance, or other telematics insights.

Just install our heavy equipment tracking devices to your asset to stay connected and informed. You can attach our GPS tracking devices to vehicles or equipment or plug into the onboard diagnostic ports to collect location updates, usage and more. Our Bluetooth tracking system collects location data when in range with our app on your smart device.

Heavy Equipment Tracking and GPS Tracking for Bulldozer on Tenna Platform
GPS Tracking Construction Equipment like Telehandler on Tenna Platform

Beyond Tracking Heavy Equipment

Tenna hardware collects the data you need for tracking as well as managing your mixed equipment fleet. View these videos to learn more.


Tracking Wheel Loaders


Tracking Dozers


Tracking Site Rollers

Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking and IoT Demonstration with Excavator and Mini Bulldozer

Manage Your Equipment

A dot on a map will show you the location of your stuff, but Tenna will tell you if your stuff is in use, scheduled for another job, needs maintenance and  more. This data enables you to make better decisions.

Our GPS heavy equipment tracking automatically collect telematics such as hours, miles, location and maintenance data in real-time giving you control over your equipment fleet.

With Tenna, you find more efficiency and value from your most important machinery.


Quickly Manage Assets

We record your assets’ location and capture vital information like condition, hours and needed service, so you can control all your assets from anywhere.

Easily Share Information

Details about equipment and machinery are available 24/7 via the Tenna App. Your entire team can access everything from a single location. Report on this information to share it with those who need to know.

Find More with One Platform

Tenna tracks everything on one equipment management system so your business can work better, smarter and faster. Find more time and money by eliminating redundant asset tracking systems.

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